Gaza - October 30, 2000

The View From Gaza - Unrest was posing a threat to the Israeli government with votes of Confidence underway.

October 30, 2000 – The Uprising In Gaza – The Matter Of Money Laundering – The Streets Of Seoul.

Gaza - October 30, 2000
The View From Gaza – Unrest was posing a threat to the Israeli government with votes of Confidence underway.
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October 30, 2000 – A view of the world and everything going on in it, this 30th of October in 2000.

Starting with news of the Palestinian uprising in the Gaza area. The Israeli Knesset was scheduled to meet today for the first time since the Palestinian uprising began the previous month. Prime Minister Ehud Barack had been expected to face a no-confidence vote. Talks with the opposition Likud Party leader Ariel Sharon on forming an emergency administration had so far failed. But it was thought Mr. Barack might be able to avoid a defeat after the Ultra-Orthodox party agreed to give him temporary backing as the Knesset prepared to meet. The violence continued and it was acknowledged general elections were on the horizon signaling that Barack’s political future hung very much in the balance, particularly since fears that former hard-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would be an unstoppable opponent.

The Peruvian Army said it was searching for a group of soldiers who staged a revolt in the south, provoked by the return from exile of former Fujimori intelligence chief Vladimiro Montesinos. A group of sixty soldiers left by a Lieutenant Colonel took over a mining area for eight hours before heading north, taking a General and four civilians as hostages. Montesinos had been dismissed on corruption charges and sent into exile.

European leaders were embarking on what they called a “strategic partnership with Russia” with talks slated with Vladimir Putin in Paris.

Protests erupted into violence in South Korea over a ban on the upcoming visit of the Dalai Lama.

And the World’s leading banks were meeting to sign a new agreement to get tough on the issue of Money Laundering.

All that, and a lot more – and further evidence that much-much more goes on in the rest of the world than is reported on here in the U.S. – another reason to seek out a variety of news sources via streaming media in order to get the bigger picture of what’s going on in this increasingly shrinking world of ours.

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