Shadow Minstrels - in session at KPFK - 1982

Shadow Minstrels - Odds were placed they would go far. However . . .

Shadow Minstrels – In Session 1982 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Shadow Minstrels - in session at KPFK - 1982
Shadow Minstrels – Odds were placed they would go far. However . . .

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Mid-way through our tour of 70s and 80s L.A. bands during the Punk/Post-Punk/New Wave/Experimental/Alternative period. Tonight it’s a set from Shadow Minstrels, in session at KPFK-FM on November 20,1982.

A few choice words via their bio at Last.FM:

“The shadow minstrels were from the underground art scene in los angeles in the early 80’s.they played al’s bar,the lingerie club and madame wongs west alot.they also played theoretical events and were a major part of the art scene.bass player”zap barreau”was in other bands also including “the fiends”,”the happy bats”,”powertrip” and “45 grave” for a little while.zap was well known in the l.a. scene.he went to many shows and knew alot of people,including the red hot chili peppers and green on red,x,social distortion,and many more.he left hollywood in 1987 after too many friends od’ on drugs.he had to save himself.he has a home in ontario,ca. now.the discography of the shadow minstrels is as follows:GREAT EXPECTATIONS EP,RADIO TOKYO TAPES VOLUME 2,RADIO TOKYO TAPES BEST OF.other bands they played with was OUTER CIRCLE,PNUEMONIC DEVICES,WALL OF VOODOO,B-PEOPLE AND TOO MANY OTHERS TO NAME.they survived 4 years together till BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN took tj murphy, the singer, to breakfast in arizona with NILS LOFGREN and changed his mind about the direction of the shadow minstrel’s music.rick morrison ,patricia morrison’s(sisters of mercy,gun club,the bags)husband and creater of the band, left the band over direction disputes with tj and it was over.they could have went far.oh well,that’s how it rolls!”

So sez Last.FM – Not that unusual with many, if not most bands during this or any other period. It’s just the nature of the beast and why everybody can’t be a rock star – whether you deserve it or not. Shadow Minstrels were several cuts among many of the bands on the scene at the time – but that’s no criteria, it seems. A good band with some influence on the scene around L.A. at the time, in a rare live session with a goodly chunk of indebtedness going to KPFK-FM for having the foresight to do something like this, even if it was between Midnight and three a.m.

Crank it up for a listen.

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