The Blind Suns - live At Nantes - June 11, 2019
The Blind Suns - French/Polish/Psych/Surf - yes, it happened.

The Blind Suns – Live At Nantes – 2019 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Rock Without Borders

The Blind Suns  - live At Nantes - June 11, 2019

The Blind Suns – French/Polish/Psych/Surf – yes, it happened.

The Blind Suns – Live At La Scène Michelet Nantes, France June 11th 2019 – Band Soundboard –

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Starting off the week with French-Polish Surf/Psych-Pop/Shoegaze/Dream-Pop assemblage The Blind Suns, playing live at La Scène Michelet in Nantes, France on June 11, 2019.

I ran an earlier concert by this band last year and thought I would check in on them a year and have a listen to what’s been going on. Still a band to keep an eye on – still a band with some very nice chops and still a band with the non-stop/turbo-charged Dorota Kuszewska tearing up the stage and dropping jaws.

Drawing sounds from the likes of Mazzy Star, JAMC, and The Primitives, The Blind Suns carry that Duane Eddy meets Link Wray like guitar sound that sits so well alongside Dorota’s captivating vocals. Their third album, I Can Sea You, was produced by Uk producer Clive Martin (Queen, The Cure, Nick Cave) came out in 2016. With the great Jim Rose from Jim Rose Circus as a godfather of the project, The Blind Suns is definitely a fine addition to the world of reverb drenched, rock’n’roll. Their latest, Offshore came out last year to good press,

With their oceanic Psych-Pop open to all horizons – Shoegaze at the Jesus & Mary Chain, Dick Dale Surf guitars, Mazzy Star melodies – The Blind Suns seem to have fallen into the magic Reverb when they were just getting it together. Offshore is their new album produced by Charles Rowell of the Crocodiles group.

I think they’ve played SXSW in recent years and I know they did a recent session at KEXP, but am not sure if they’ve done any extensive touring in the U.S. – they should – this is a band with some nice work to bring to the musical table and I am convinced could gather a good-sized following.

In any event, check them out and see what you think and see what they’re up to. Currently a tour happening, but where it’s headed is anyone’s guess (although I’m sure the band knows).

Crank it up and enjoy – Caveat: mix is a bit strange – vocals are “somewhere” and I think everything went through a limiter before it hit the audience. Still, a wildly enjoyable show and hopes for more in the near-future.

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