November 14, 2005 – Murder, Mayhem, Dire Warnings And Cellphone Bandits.

Candice Rose Martinez -Cell-Phone Bandit
Candice Rose Martinz aka: The Cellphone Bandit – “Big bills – yeah, I want Anchovies on that”.
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November 15, 2005 – Not that long ago, considering. But far enough back to marvel at technology and to not marvel at human nature. News this day started out with the capture of 18-year old David Ludwig and his 14 year old girlfriend. Ludwig was wanted in connection with the murder of Kara Beth Borden’s parents. Seems the carnage was brought about by a parental concern that 18 year Ludwig was having sex with 14 year old Borden and they wanted to put an end to it. Instead, Ludwig put an end to them and both he and Kara Beth fled and were considered fugitives until being captured the next day. Ludwig didn’t struggle while Borden went into hysterics. The drama would continue to unfold until trial time.

Meanwhile, The 9/11 Commissioners were back in the news and issued a dire warning that not enough was being done to adequately protect Americans from the threat of another mass terrorist attack. In a periodic report assessing progress on their recommendations, former 9/11 Commissioners expressed concerns about the proliferation of weapons of Mass Destruction. Commissioner Thomas Kane remarked that there was no fear greater than a terrorist, hiding somewhere in the U.S. with a nuclear weapon. He urged that the President, Congress and the media devote more energy and time into making the country safer by securing nuclear materials. He added that developing a common approach with friendly nations on treatment of captured terrorist suspects was also needed.

And authorities in Northern Virginia have finally put a name to the face of a woman who had been robbing banks while talking on her cellphone. Given the clarity of the surveillance tapes, it was a wonder it took two whole days before police could get an idea who the celebrated CellPhone Bank Robber was. But they finally did when they disclosed they had identified 19-year old Candice Rose Martinez as the culprit. Police searched Martinez’ apartment complex in Chantilly Virginia, not far from the banks she had robbed. But so far, there was no sign of her or the gun she was suspected of carrying.

And that’s just a little of what went on, this November 14th in 2005 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup, Late Edition.

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