Allies In Algeria - November 1942

Allies In Algeria - Toeholds and adventures in foreign lands.

November 15, 1942 – The View From Algiers – Seizing Ports And Airfields.

Allies In Algeria - November 1942
Allies In Algeria – Toeholds and adventures in foreign lands.
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November 15, 1942 – News from Algiers on this day, and there was a lot of it.

A little background:

Operation Torch (8–16 November 1942) was an Anglo–American invasion of French North Africa during the Second World War. It was aimed at reducing pressure on Allied forces in Egypt, and enabling an invasion of Southern Europe. It also provided the second front which the Soviet Union had been requesting since it was invaded by the Germans in 1941 on Operation Barbarossa.[citation needed] The region was dominated by the Vichy French, officially in collaboration with Germany, but with mixed loyalties, and reports indicated that they might support the Allied initiative. The American General Dwight D. Eisenhower, commanding the operation, planned a three-pronged attack, aimed at Casablanca (Western), Oran (Center) and Algiers (Eastern), in advance of a rapid move on Tunis.

The Western Task Force encountered unexpected resistance, as well as bad weather, but Casablanca, the principal French Atlantic naval base, was captured after a short siege. The Center Task Force suffered some damage to its fleet, trying to land in shallow water, but the enemy ships were sunk or driven off, and Oran surrendered after heavy fire from British battleships. The Eastern Task Force met less opposition because the French Resistance had staged a coup in Algiers, and the Allies were able to push inland and compel surrender on the first day.

The success of Torch caused the commander of French forces in the region, Admiral Darlan, to order full co-operation with the Allies, in return for being retained as High Commissioner, with many Vichy officials keeping their jobs. But Darlan was assassinated soon after, and De Gaulle’s Free French gradually came to dominate the government.

Operation Torch was the first mass involvement of US troops in the European–North African Theatre, and saw the first major airborne assault carried out anywhere by the United States.

There was other news on other fighting fronts this November 15, 1942 and CBS Radio’s World Today (Precursor to The CBS World News Roundup) was going their level-best to cover it, adverse short-wave conditions and all.

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