Excelsior Hi - 1968
You have reached that age where every authority figure over 30 is out to crush your spirit - and you have proof.

It’s February 22, 1968 -You Live In L.A. – You’re In High School – You Have A Problem With Authority Figures – Welcome To The 60s.

Excelsior Hi - 1968

You have reached that age where every authority figure over 30 is out to crush your spirit – and you have proof.

KRLA-KHJ-KFWB-KBLA – February 22, 1968 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

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Authority figures – they never seemed to bother you until sometime around Junior High. But then, sometime around Junior High was when life as you knew it changed. You changed, the music changed, the world changed. You can almost put your finger on exactly when it happened – sometime, late in November 1963, there was that shift – people, especially older people, started telling you what to do, where to go, who to see and what to wear. Girls VP’s would walk around the halls with rulers and randomly measure skirts. Boys VP’s would walk the halls and check for hair growing over ears and collars. There was no escape – you were all being spied on – lockers were inspected because somebody said somebody saw someone stash a pack of Marlboros or some kind of dark liquid during passing period. Teachers were walking in and out of bathrooms, checking to see if anyone was smoking. The Principal’s office had a waiting line. At least one of your friends got suspended; some more than once.

You used to like school – you were a joiner. You were in every club your school had. You even went to football games – you had school spirit – you were always doing homework. Teachers liked you. They look at you suspiciously now – like you’re going to blow something up, or lead a demonstration. Maybe it was all the Bobby Kennedy For President buttons you were wearing – maybe it was all the Anti-War demonstration flyers you were passing out during lunch. Maybe it’s all the bells you’re wearing around your neck or the patchouli you drench yourself in.

Maybe you’re just not a kid anymore and no one knows what to do about it. They have fears and you have dreams and the two don’t seem to be talking to each other. And that’s just the way that goes – alway was – always will.

While all the trials and tribulations of the world were going on, at least there was the one given; the go-to – the forever on your side, no matter what – your radio.

And in keeping with your short attention span, here is a sample of KRLA-KFWB-KHJ and KBLA from around 7:30 p.m. on February 22, 1968 – now you have proof.

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4 Responses

  1. Mike Hagerty says:

    Gordon: Great stuff as always—but when we get to KHJ, we go back a year—to February of ”67. Johnny Mitchell was long gone by ’68. The Johnny Hayes and BMR stuff that follows are consistent with February, 1967, too. KBLA doesn’t appear in this at all—and it changed to country KBBQ in June, 1967.

    • gordonskene says:

      That’s the thing that’s a little disconcerting about this – towards the top, after Steppenwolf: Sookie-Sookie it’s mentioned they are opening for Cream “tomorrow night”, and if you listen to the time signals, it seems to go from around 7:30 to around 8:30. Since I was the one who originally recorded it (with a brand new tuner I got for Christmas!), I should know, but with the other dates you mentioned, I’m not so sure if it wasn’t erased in spots, punched in at others or what the deal was. Wish I could time travel and ask the teenage me what the hell I was doing – but I’m sure that would be the last of my concerns if I had the chance to do that ;). Thanks, as always for eagle-ears!


  2. The February 1968 air checks are NOT all from 1968,some are from a year earlier in early 1967(Like the Johnny Mitchell show on KHJ,that has to be from around January of ’67,because Humble Harve took over Mitchell’s 6 to 9 p.m.spot on KHJ on February 1st of ’67.Also,because Mitchell is playing “I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night”by The Electric Prunes and announces it’s “#22 on The Boss 30”,which(again)makes the timeline January of ’67.Some of the other air checks also sounded like they were from a year earlier in February of ’67!