November 25, 1994 – A Town Like Bihac – Warring Factions – Doubted Sincerity – The Christmas Season Starts.

Bihac - 1994
Bihac – God wasn’t able to play God that day.
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November 25, 1994. The fate of the Bosnian town of Bihac was in doubt this day. While all sides were talking about a ceasefire, the UN protected enclave was being battered by Serbs. And news that some 250 UN Peacekeepers were being held as virtual hostages further propelled Secretary General Butros Gali to demand ceasefire be in place. The latest glimmer was a series of secret talks between the UN’s top military and civilian officials with warring Muslims and Serbs at Sarajevo airport. After, Bosnia Serb spokesperson said they had reached an agreement. Bosnia’s Prime Minister wants a ceasefire but doubts Serb sincerity. Meanwhile, reports from Bihac said Serb gunners kept violating the safe-zone and instead of a ceasefire, what the city got was intensified shelling.

And there was other news in other hotspots around the world. In Lebanon, reports that seven Palestinians were killed in fighting at a refugee camp, after pro-Arafat guerrillas seized dissident positions. The battle raged for some five hours.

In Gaza, Friday prayers at a Gaza Strip Mosque were heard, where a week earlier violence had erupted, leaving 14 Palestinians dead. Another show of force between Palestinian factions was feared this day, but cooler heads prevailed instead as Hamas cancelled a planned mass rally in Gaza strip, amid fears that gunfights were certain to break out as a result between Hamas and supporters of PLO leader Yasser Arafat, further fueling speculation that a Civil War was on the horizon.

And today started the Christmas buying season. Merchants all over America were gearing up for what had become the most important time of year for the retail business. Some stores were making as much as fifty percent of their profits between this day and the end of December. All surveys pointed to a better-than-average shopping season this year. But there was a lot that could happen between November 25th and December 31st.

And that’s a small slice of what happened, November 25, 1994 as presented by The CBS World News Roundup.

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