Mow - photo: Juanjo Marbai

Mow - Gabriela Casero - the spell continues.

Mow (Gabriela Casero) – In Session – 2017 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Rock Without Borders

Mow - photo: Juanjo Marbai
Mow – Gabriela Casero – the spell continues.

Mow – In session for Slapjack TV – January 27, 2017 –

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It would be safe to say I have become a complete fan of Gabriela Casero and her project Mow. The other-wordly singer and the intensely spacious band who accompanies her make music I can’t get enough of. It is enveloping, engaging and long-lasting.

It’s only fitting I post Mow at night – this is music to drift away to; to become lost; to provide backgrounds to vibrant and unexplainable dreams. Perfect.

This was a session done for Slapjack TV, I believe in Madrid, in 2017. Vogue Magazine in Spain published an article on Casero in 2018, citing a considerable amount of interest in her work; her debut album for the progressive indie label Subterfue, which has gotten lot of positive press, a soundtrack for a short film which has gotten film festival attention, music going viral on Spotify, airplay from College Radio here in the U.S. – basically, all the ingredients to what is shaping up to being a very exciting new artist on the horizon.

Her music exudes an air of intimacy while comfortably fitting into the genres of Electronica, Dream-Pop, Emo and Indie – but the music relly isn’t that easy to classify – it just presents itself as a backdrop and an avenue of escape.

I ran one of her more recent concerts from the Primavera Sound festival only a few months ago and you might want to go over there and check it out, as this session is rather short and Mow isn’t the kind of musical project you take in short doses.

But I would urge you to go over to the Subterfuge site and investigate Mow and Gabriela Casero further. You might also want to check out what else this really fascinating label is doing – their catalogue is growing and it would do you a lot of good to hear what else they’ve got going on.

Crank it up and go exploring.

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