Allied Troops in Germany - December 1944

Pushing East - Allied advances - Nazi scorched earth.

December 3, 1944 – B-29’s Over Tokyo – Allies Cross The Saar – German V-3’s Capable Of Hitting New York.

Allied Troops in Germany - December 1944
Pushing Across the Saar – Allied advances – Nazi scorched earth.
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December 3, 1944 – Even for a Sunday in 1944, this was a busy day on all war fronts. American B-29’s staged raids over Tokyo, targeting the Nakajima Aircraft factory, and by all accounts the raid was successful. Japanese radio reported damage was “light”, but reports from military reconnaissance said differently with dispatches from Saipan saying the attack was the most successful so far.

In Europe, Allied advances were considerable, with U.S. troops crossing the Saar River. Further north, they captured Linnich, while British troops launched an attack on the town of Venlo. The Germans were busy mounting counterattacks, hoping to stave off the Allied advance. Sources reported the German Army was evacuating Miskolc ahead of advancing Russian troops in Hungary. In Italy, Troops of the British 8th Army cut the main road between Faenza and Ravenna.

In London, a massive parade before the King signaled the end of the Home Guards and disbanding of the Civilian Army, which had been in place since 1940, when Britain sent out a call to all civilians to join in its defense during the dark days of anticipating German invasion. The shoe was now on the other foot, as it was learned that Germany was organizing its own civilian Army in anticipation of Allied invasion.

On the Propaganda front – German Radio was reporting the development of a V-3 Rocket, or Buzz-Bomb, capable of hitting New York. Although officials were skeptical, it did raise the issue of just how the use of such rockets could eventually replace conventional weaponry in the future. America had already developed its own buzz-bomb, but was reluctant to use it, since pinpoint accuracy couldn’t be achieved yet, and the Germans were notorious for sending V-2’s over England, causing random destruction and causing high civilian casualties.

And that’s just a small slice of the news for this December 3, 1944 as reported by CBS Radio’s World Today.

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