Mikhail Gorbachev - 1988

Gorbachev - The man with surprises.

December 4, 1988 – Gorbachev: “A Christmas Gift To The American People” – Elizabeth Dole To The UN – Argentine Troops March Towards Confrontation.

Mikhail Gorbachev - 1988
Gorbachev – The man with surprises.
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December 4, 1988 – Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev, promising surprises and a “gift to the American People” was preparing to leave Moscow for a visit to Washington and upcoming talks with President Reagan and President-Elect Bush at what was being billed as a “SuperPower Lunch”. The Soviet leader was preparing to leave for New York and what was described as “the ultimate Power Lunch” the following day. A Senior Soviet Party official was quoted as saying it was “a Christmas gift to the American People” and “Mister Gorbachev will have in his pocket, some very interesting ideas”.

It was half-announced/half rumored that Transportation Secretary Elizabeth Dole was being tagged by the incoming Bush Administration for a UN Ambassador position. Bush denied it – but sources said it was a done-deal. Bush was getting his cabinet and transition team ready for January when he officially took office.

Argentine troops loyal to President Raul Alfonsin were heading for a confrontation. They were heading towards a rebel stronghold in Buenos Aires. Two Army units had joined the rebellion, while tens of thousands of civilians rallied in support of the government; a support Secretary of State Schultz shared. Alfonsin cut short his visit to Washington to deal with the situation.

And it was now Christmas Season and the hunt was on for the perfect Christmas tree. On top of hints as to what to look for in “the perfect tree” was the announcement that you would be expected to pay upwards from $40.00 for the average 6 foot tree.

And that’s a slice of what went on, this December 4,1988 from Mutual News on the hour, graciously sent over and happily shared by Tom Welshko. Readers contributions are always welcomed – doesn’t always have to be Patreon, Fractured Atlas or PayPal.

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