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December 10, 1947 – The Wages Of Cold War – The Price Of Modern Living

Cold War Europe 1947
The wave of Communism throughout Europe. It seemed determined to pop up everywhere.
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News for this December 10th in 1947 was about the Cold War and the hotbeds of upheaval in this post-War world. The Paris strikes had calmed down, as a rift was forming between the French Communists and Moscow. Rumors of Communist influence were being fanned in The Belgian Congo, because the Congo was rich in Uranium Ore, a key element in the manufacture of the Atomic Bomb. It was also feared that Africa in general was ripe for Communism, because the entire continent was rich in precious minerals. The fears were being reported by a Methodist Bishop, who told a gathering of Methodist leaders in Pennsylvania that, unless the Church acted quickly, Communism would spread throughout Africa in no time. Nobody cared to mention that the Independence movement was on the rise, not necessarily Communism. But facts . . . .

Also ringing Cold War alarm bells was Air Force General George C. Kenney, head of the Strategic Command, who said there needed to be increased emphasis on the technical development of weapons to maintain our national security.

Jerusalem was continuing as potential-flashpoint with Jewish settlers under attack by Arabs in Palestine. Three Jews had been killed in attacks this morning and bomb blasts were heard in Haifa. One Jewish policeman was stabbed and three Arabs were killed in Tel-Aviv. The death toll in Palestine had officially climbed to 115 for the week, with no end in sight. Arab leaders were actively recruiting fighters for what was sure to be a violent confrontation just around the corner. British troops are patrolling the streets of Jerusalem with shoot-to-kill orders.

The Foreign Ministers Conference was heading for an unsuccessful conclusion with stalemates all around and nobody budging. Russia was now making reparations demands of upwards of $10 billion from Germany.

Capitol Hill was getting ready for another dust-up on the economy, with rationing, price controls and the 1948 Election looming. A possible strike was looming by 50,000 Western Union workers. And a study on elderly workers came to the conclusion that older was more reliable and younger was flaky. That was 1947.

And everything was shaded with worries about Communism and the Cold War – it was the big and all-pervasive fear for this December 10th in 1947, as presented by NBC Radio and The News Of The World.

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