It's the Lemons versus Lemonade Analogy

Subscribing on Patreon will make a lot of thing easier. Trust me.

Patreon Has A Few Words For You About Past Daily.

It's the Lemons versus Lemonade Analogy
Subscribing on Patreon will make lots of things easier. Trust me.

Hi Everyone!

Giving you our periodic update and continued gratitude for your support and encouragement to keep Past Daily up and running and relevant. As promised, we moved the site to bigger quarters, and with a ton of improvements that should make your archeological dig around Past Daily a lot more fun and a lot faster. And I couldn’t have done it without you. Your support has been a lifeline to keeping us up and running and continuing the enormous task of digitizing the archive. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made.

And that’s why we can’t stop now – this is Phase Two of our journey, and even though it’s exciting it’s also a little scary at times. Still have lots of bills to pay, loans to take care of, equipment to fix and storage space rent to pay. It’s an on-going thing. It takes a lot to keep this all together, and grow at the same time. And so your continued support is crucial and it is. And that’s why, if you haven’t considered becoming a Patron and signing up with Patreon, you might want to consider it.

It doesn’t take a lot to keep us going; as little as a Dollar a month (that’s $12.00 a YEAR) can make a huge difference. The more subscribers to Patreon, the more difference it makes.

What this all means is you can help for as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. One of the benefits of being a subscriber is the unlimited ability to download all the audio from the Past Daily. We have recently begun a purchase-option on our non-music posts, if you don’t want to subscribe yet need a certain piece of historic audio. And free downloads are available to ALL subscribers, whether you contribute $1.00 or $1,000 – it’s my way of thanking you and letting you know how special you are.

So your continued support is vital – if you feel like upping your Patreon contribution, that’s fantastic – but if you’re new here and just seeing this appeal – this is for you. I have pretty much stopped doing fundraisers because everybody seems to be doing them and I think you’re suffering from overload. But I still need your support – and this is the least annoying way I’ve found to appeal for that. And if you’re just seeing this appeal now, Past Daily is a unique site, offering a vast range of history, arts, culture, music, Pop artifacts, interviews – just about everything that was put in front of a microphone. It all comes from my archive; this massive collection of sounds that’s been going since 1963 and now available to you.

So do what you can – it is all crucial and much-needed and appreciated more than you can imagine.

Until next time,

Gordon Skene – Past Daily

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