Winter night - Christmas Message from Past Daily

Past Daily - thanks to you, we're still at it.

Merry Christmas From Past Daily – Our End-Of-Year Update

Winter night - Christmas Message
Past Daily – thanks to you, we’re still at it.

Almost coming to the end of 2019 – a hectic and stressful year for a lot of people. But a year that would have been impossible to get through without your amazing support and encouragement. Lots of changes this year – changing Web servers, getting more traffic and more supporters like yourself, who see the value and possibilities with Past Daily.

It’s been a truly humbling experience, but one I gladly look forward to every day. You’ve all made it possible and my appreciation for your support goes without saying. We’ve done a few new things this year – making free downloads only available to subscribers – cutting down on the fundraisers and generally working very hard to make Past Daily one of the best sites on the Internet.

What’s ahead for 2020? Hopefully a move of the archive to better facilities – handing the completed and digitized parts of the collection over to one of several institutions currently interested in what I’m trying to do. Getting more patrons, like yourselves, to pitch in and subscribe. The more subscribers, the faster we’ll be able to move to a new facility and not face the near constant threats of late rent and evictions.

With the nearly 8,000 posts Past Daily has up so far, I have many more thousands to go – many, many more interesting, rare and unique pieces of history and Popular Culture to offer you – even after almost seven years, Past Daily has only slightly scratched the surface.

And that’s why your continued support is needed – to keep this going, to be able to bring you the best and rarest and post profound recordings of history anywhere. Nobody else is doing what we’re doing. It’s been a unique experiment which is slowly being recognized by more people. Like I said – we’re just scratching the surface and we have many more years to go.

But this Christmas I want to express my gratitude and love for all your help and encouragement – I could not have done it without you. I hope you can find it in your plans for the coming year to continue your support, and to bring more friends and colleagues in to chip in. It’s always needed and we’re still a ways away from our monthly goal. So tell your friends and keep up the wonderful work!

I’m here because of you – and I am so honored to have your support. I will do my best every day to earn it.

A very Merry Christmas – happy Holidays and hoping for a sane New Years.

Gordon Skene

Past Daily

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