Yeltsin And Grachev

Boris Yeltsin With Defense Minister Pavel Grachev - rambling edicts on Chechnya.

December 27, 1994 – Saber Rattling In Chechnya – Diplomatic Hoops In Korea – Thwarted Terrorist Attack Over Paris.

Yeltsin And Grachev
Boris Yeltsin With Defense Minister Pavel Grachev – rambling edicts on Chechnya.
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December 27,1994 – An uneasy day in the world. With the holding of a U.S. pilot, his helicopter downed over North Korea, a diplomatic game of Chess was underway. North Korea upped the ante by proving photos of the captured pilot it was now calling a spy. Army Pilot Bobby Hall wasn’t giving anything up, other than name rank and serial number after his helicopter went down some 10 days earlier. The other photo was apparently of the chopper, which was an undistinguishable pile of rubble. As the photos surfaced, North Korea was accusing Hall of a deliberate act of espionage which further delayed his release. At North Korea’s request, deputy Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Hubbard was heading to Pyongyang for further negotiations. Despite accusations that Hall repeatedly ignored North Korean warnings from ground troops and tried to evade capture, the U.S. maintained Hall simply got lost.

In other news – Russia’s Boris Yeltsin, in a rambling 25-minute address over Russian radio and TV insisted breakaway republic Chechnya was part of Russia and promised no more bombing of its Capitol, Grozny. In an attempt at allaying fears by the Russian public, Yeltsin was going to great lengths to assure everyone he was restoring constitutional order in Chechnya. Yeltsin devoted much of the address to accusing Chechen rebels of committing “terrorism”, and by wasting public money on drugs and weapons rather than funding schools and hospitals. Yeltsin was resolved to keeping the separatist nation within the Russian Federation, saying Chechnya did not have the right to secede from Russia. One demand Yeltsin made was the rebels lay down their arm before any peace talks were to resume.

And what might have been a spectacular terrorist attack in the skies over Paris ended on the tarmac in Marseille with four skyjackers dead, as an elite group of French commandos stormed the aircraft as it waited to take off for Paris. The attempted hi-jackers, the oldest of the group being 20 were the only ones dead.

And that’s a tiny slice of what happened, this December 27, 1994 as reported by the CBS World News Roundup.

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