Judge Rules In Diana Death

The Judge ruled no prosecutions in Diana's death.

January 10, 1999 – A Judge Rules – The Post Office Hikes – The Starr Report Is Scoured.

Judge Rules In Diana Death
The Judge ruled no prosecutions in Diana’s death.
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January 10, 1999 – A judge in France was preparing to make public his ruling on the death of Princess Diana on January 20th. Advance word was leaked to the British press and it was determined that no one would be prosecuted for the accident which claimed the lives of Diana, Dodi Fayad, and the driver of the Mercedes, Henri Paul which crashed in a Paris tunnel on August 31, 1997. Lawyers for the lone survivor, Trevor Rhys-Jones were cautious about the findings and one of the attorneys remarked the findings would not tie up all the loose ends. It was speculated lawsuits might still be filed against the Ritz Hotel in Paris and the car rental agency who had the Mercedes.

There was other news – Starting this day, it was going to cost .33 to mail a first class letter in the U.S. It was the first such postal increase in four years. The Post Office said it needed added revenue for new equipment and to cover rising costs and cut down existing debt.

Lawyers for President Clinton were busy scouring the 7,000 page Starr Report as they put together a response to Impeachment charges which were due the following day (January 11th). Rhode Island Republican Senator John Chaffee was asked on the Sunday talk program Meet The Press, whether witnesses such as Monica Lewinsky should be called before Senators. He answered that some witnesses would be required, implying Lewinsky could very well be summoned to testify. Democratic Senator Feinstein of California disagreed saying that, based on the information and testimony they already had, additional witnesses were not necessary. The issue over additional witnesses would be put off until Prosecutors and the President’s lawyers present their arguments over the coming weeks.

And American millionaire and adventurer David Liniger along with Australian balloonist John Wallington readied to launch in their attempt to be first to circle the world in a hot-air balloon. The balloon launched had been delayed for the previous two weeks because of high winds.

And that’s a small slice of what happened on January 10, 1999 as presented by CBS Radio News On The Hour.

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