Nathaniel Abraham - Murder Trial

Nathaniel Abraham - committing murder at 11 - sentencing at 13 - child or adult?

January 13, 2000 – The Mother Of All Flu Seasons – The Real Y2K Glitch – When Eleven Year Olds Murder.

Nathaniel Abraham - Murder Trial
Nathaniel Abraham – committing murder at 11 – sentencing at 13 – child or adult?
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January 13, 2000 – By all accounts, the new millennium Flu season was shaping up to being the worst in a long time. Flu and flu-related deaths were shooting up ever since the season officially got underway. Some cases were misdiagnosed and doctors were cautioned not to prescribe the new flu drugs without checking first as some flu-like symptoms were actually severe bacterial pneumonia and that was causing a spike in deaths since they didn’t get antibiotics, instead getting a flu shot.

And the Y2K fears didn’t go entirely unnoticed – seems a Spy Satellite glitch lasted far longer than the Pentagon admitted. The satellite computer wasn’t able to interpret bits of information and send it back to earth. The situation last three days, not the five hours originally described. The problem happened when the patch that was intended to vert Y2K glitches actually caused one.

Charlotte Hornets’ player Bobby Phills was killed instantly as his Porsche spun out of control during a drag race with a friend. His friend, David Westley was racing with Phills when the accident occurred. Police didn’t charge the inconsolable Westley with anything. The loss of Phills was a shock to many, who called it the ultimate tragedy to a person who worked tirelessly in children’s charity and other philanthropic organizations.

And 13 year old Nathaniel Abraham was being sentenced this day. He was convicted of murder for killing a man when he was 11. Under state law he could get an adult sentence, but the prosecution hadn’t asked for it and his attorney, Jeffrey Feiger didn’t think it was likely. Rather, he felt the Judge would sentence Abraham to a facility where could get therapy. Just to make sure, Reverend Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King III and others would be staging a protest outside the courthouse, claiming the case set a dangerous precedent.

That’s a small slice of what went on, this January 13, 2000 as reported by Christopher Glenn and The CBS World News Roundup.

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