Northridge Earthquake - 1994

Northridge Earthquake - 10 days on . . .still shaking.

January 27, 1994 – Earthquake Aftershocks – The Harding/Kerrigan Imbroglio – A New Trial In Mississippi.

Northridge Earthquake - 1994
Northridge Earthquake – 10 days on . . .still shaking.
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January 27, 1994 -The Northridge Earthquake – ten days on, the aftershocks were still rumbling and nerves were frayed. Police were called into quell crowds waiting for public assistance. The $4 Billion in recovery aid was evaporating quickly and many officials were referring to it as “startup money”. And with each passing hour, and with each rolling aftershock, hopes were dimming in the search for survivors; people trapped under collapsed buildings, lodged in crushed cars. Any sign of any life was being quickly responded to. And Los Angeles was waking up to another unpredictable day.

Meanwhile, the controversy surrounding the attack on skater Nancy Kerrigan was turning into an ongoing drama. At the center of the scandal was rival skater Tonya Harding, who was alleged to be the master-mind in the attack which left Kerrigan severely injured. Later on, after the initial news broadcast, Harding read a statement declining participation in an upcoming competition and reiterating her innocence in the wake of accusations from ex-husband Jeff Gilooly that she was involved. Hardings fans expressed shock that Gilooly, who shared a home with Harding only a week earlier, was trying to get her locked up. Gilooly’s attorney flat-out refused to comment that the disclosure came as the result of an intense five-hour grilling by FBI agents.

And in Jackson Mississippi, jury selection was completed in the third trial in30 years of White supremacist Byron De La Beckwith in the 1963 slaying of Civil Rights leader Medger Evers. The jury was chosen in rural Batesville Mississippi. The jury consisted of 8 Blacks and 4 Whites to hear new evidence allegedly tying the murder of Evers to De La Beckwith. The trial was expected to take at last two weeks.

Following the news, there is a cutaway to the statement from Tonya Harding – and the drama continued.

Tonya Harding and Attorney
Tonya Harding – pointing fingers and crooked webs.

All that, and a lot more from KNX-AM, Los Angeles and the CBS World News Roundup for January 27, 1994.

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