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A Past Daily Update – A Shout Out To Patrons And A Nudge To Come Join Us On Patreon!

The Editorial Staff
The Editorial Staff

It’s been a busy year so far, and we’re only a month into it! We’re inching up in support through Patreon and that’s great to see. We’re up to 59 Patrons right now, and our goal is to get to 100 over the next few months . . .hopefully weeks (crossed fingers).
I can’t tell you how much your support has been appreciated and needed. Because of you, we’ve been able to keep the Archive space open (and those of you who have been reading about the trials and tribulations of ARC in New York know what I go through periodically) and be able to continue the on-going effort to digitize the collection in order get it off to an institution, which is still to be determined. All that, and to keep a steady stream of posts (at least 2 a day) doesn’t leave a whole lot of time left for sleep, but it needs to be done. A lot of you have been visiting the past few weeks – I hope you’ve bookmarked Past Daily and come back often. It’s a place to do research and it’s a place to hear things you might have missed, or never heard in the first place.
I know a lot of you are on a budget, a lot of you are suffering from Donor Fatigue – that’s why I’m not doing fundraisers anymore. Patreon seems to be the best way, since you can donate as little as a buck a month (price of a half a cup of Starbucks) or as much as you’re comfortable with. It’s all keeping us up and running and keeping history alive and preserved and it is all very much needed. It’s easy to pledge your support – just click on any one of a number of Patreon buttons on the site and you are taken to the Patreon site where you can make your pledge. It’s all easy, it’s safe and it takes maybe 30 seconds. When you become a patron you can get all the historic audio (including music) for free and are notified every time I put something up – and you get the exclusive opportunity to download it and keep it for ever.
I hope you take a couple minutes out and consider chipping in – 59 of you so far are making a huge difference, the more of you who support us the better it is. So please join us and help us preserve and share history.
Till next time – stay sane,

Gordon Skene – Past Daily

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