Looking for the Heart of Saturday Night

"It's Bugler . . .honest"

It’s Summer 1979 – You’re A Teenager – You’re In L.A. – Tomorrow You Won’t Remember A Thing. Past Daily Weekend Pop Chronicles

Looking for the Heart of Saturday Night
“It’s Bugler . . .honest”

KMET – Cynthia Fox – August 13, 1979 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

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The weekend. Same in 1979 as just about any year. Heading on a crash-course to the heart of Saturday Night. It’s out there, and you’re determined to find it. The object, of course, is to get as wrecked-up as possible and try to remember what you did the next morning.

Never works. You’ve been in weird places and you’ve had boring times and you’ve had strange times. And sometimes your friends tell you how amazing you were and other times they look at you like you’ve murdered an entire family. You wonder about that.

But you’re a party animal – anyplace there’s more than four people is a party in your book, ’cause all you want are good times and you can’t do that on your own. And you don’t really care how screwed up you get because you can’t drive. So the chances of you driving into a wall or a sitting bus are pretty nil. You keep threatening to get your license though, and your friends are getting tired of dragging you around and out of bars where your fake i.d. doesn’t work. Mostly they worry about you – and that’s nice. You worry about you too, but for different reasons. You wonder if there’s going to be Saturday night when you graduate high school. That’s next year, and the 80s promise to be just as strange.

And while you’re wondering what’s in store for the 80s, the 70’s are still on overdrive and KMET is holding down the fort. But KROQ is rapidly gaining on them. The music’s different; more Punk and new-Wave – less Pop. KMET is still hanging on to Hard Rock, still spending a lot of time in the 60s. The audience is older or hasn’t warmed up to The Clash just yet. Everything is up in the air – just like the 80s were. And so goes another installment of the Pop Chronicles.

Here is an hour’s worth of Cynthia Fox from KMET as she was on August 13, 1979.

Crank it up and travel back for the next 60 minutes.


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4 thoughts on “It’s Summer 1979 – You’re A Teenager – You’re In L.A. – Tomorrow You Won’t Remember A Thing. Past Daily Weekend Pop Chronicles

  1. Wow! Summer of ’79 I was 14 and lived in south Orange County, KMET ruled, but KROQ was gaining ground super fast. KROQ was my choice, but my friends were diehard KMET fans, so it was on all the time. That was the summer everything musically changed for me, I call it the summer of My Sharona. Hearing those old commercials was as endearing as the music, like hearing the voices of a long lost friends. Thank you!

    1. Thank YOU! By the way, you can punch in KROQ in the search box and a bunch of KROQ airchecks from 1978-1980 show up on the site. Also, stay tuned, there’s a whole lot more! Enjoy!

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