Robert Polhill - Hostage

Robert Polhill - Stuck in that eerily uncomfortable place.

Robert Polhill - Hostage
Robert Polhill – Portrait of a hostage stuck in that eerily uncomfortable place.
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News for this day in 1987 started with the storm of protest over a U.S. proposal for a hostage-for-prisoner swap that included 8 Americans and one Israeli in exchange for Palestinians being held by Israel.

No, the Israeli’s weren’t going to go for it and thousands of protesters stormed the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem to let their feelings be known. The Hostage-for-prisoner swap was a bad idea. Back to the drawing boards, even though the idea held possibilities.

Also on this day was another get-together of The Tower Commission, to fact-find on the Iran-Contra scandal.

And in Iran, rallies took place to celebrate the eighth anniversary of toppling the regime of The Shah. Chants of “Death To America” were a foregone conclusion in the streets of Tehran. Rumors and denials of bombings of the Iranian Capitol by Iraqi Military jets came, despite observations of Iraqi planes overhead. Iran Radio claimed the sound everyone heard was anti-aircraft fire and nothing on the ground was hit.

In The Philippines, President Corazon Acquino signed a newly approved and overwhelmingly endorsed by the voters Constitution and declared it in force.

And there was universal praise of the Soviet Government for their announcement of the release of over 140 dissidents, locked up in labor camps. Even though some thought there might be some strings attached, it was still seen as a positive step by the Gorbachev government. Glasnost and Perestroika looked like a positive thing after all.

And the Oscar Nominations were announced on this day in 1987 – Platoon and A Room With A View grabbing the most nods with 8 nominations each. Also receiving nominations were Hannah And Her Sisters, The Mission and Children Of A Lesser God.

And that’s how this day rolled, February 11, 1987 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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