Kamikaze Attacks in Pacific

On The Road To Tokyo - no easy matter - skies filled with suicide squadrons.

February 17, 1945 – Objective: Tokyo – Raids Over Europe – Rumor Of An Invasion – Hostage Drama In Manila

Kamikaze Attacks in Pacific
On The Road To Tokyo – no easy matter – skies filled with suicide squadrons.
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February 17, 1945 – During their weekly wrapup of news on the War, reports came in of rumored allied landings at Iwo Jima and a second straight day of B-29 raids over Tokyo. In the interview portion of this episode of War Telescope from NBC Radio, fighter pilots talk about giving support to ground troops and how weather plays a part in the success of these missions. Much of the interview is centered around activities in Europe, on the road to Berlin – and the recent breakthrough in the Battle Of The Bulge in which fighter pilots did much to turn the tide and that the concept of air-to-ground coordination was a tangible idea that was met with great success.

Meanwhile, Tokyo Radio reported that some 600 American planes took part in the latest raid, which lasted six hours and began at 7:00 am Tokyo time. Tokyo Radio did deny that American forces were in the process of invading the island of Iwo Jima and of Corregidor in The Philippines. In Manila, Japanese forces holding civilian hostages refused to release them as negotiations were continuing. A surrender demand from the Allies was met with refusal from the Japanese commander who said it went against their code of conduct and that surrender was out of the question.

On the Eastern Front – The new Russian drive toward Berlin from the Southeast was closing in on several main objectives and that the Russian Army was some 35 miles away from Berlin.

In Europe – Allied bombers continued inflicted heavy damage on the Frankfurt-am-Main railroad center, and The Canadian Army were cutting through German defenses along the Siegfried Line.

And that’s a small slice of what was going on, this February 17, 1945 as reported by NBC Radio’s War Telescope program.

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