Snowstorm '99

The Great Blizzard Of '99 - Shoveling down Times Square.

February 26, 1999 – The Great Blizzard Of ’99 – White House Gives Kudos To Mexico – The Economy Is Humming.

Snowstorm '99
The Great Blizzard Of ’99 – Shoveling down Times Square.
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February 26, 1999 – The Great Blizzard of ’99. A surprise late winter snow storm, blanketed much of the Northeast and plunged it into chaos as the storm took forecasters by surprise and did an admirable job of jamming highways, creating accidents, disrupting schedules, stranding passengers and generally making life miserable for most people going to work. It was the worst storm to hit New England with some 2 feet of snow falling overnight and wasn’t expected to let up until sometime in the afternoon.

In other news – the economy took an unexpected upturn in 1998, with an unexpected growth rate of a blistering 6% during the fourth quarter, defying global economic trends; the hottest pace in nearly 15 years. The good news was coupled with reports that there was a decided absence of inflation in the economic picture and things were still humming.

White supremacist John William King was heading to Texas’ death row, and the town of Jasper had two more trials in connection with the dragging death of James Byrd Jr before it could breathe again. Most were saying the wouldn’t mind if they found another venue in another town to resume the trials, while others were saying justice was served and Jasper was doing it.

Mexico, it has been widely acknowledged, is a cornucopia of drugs and enforcing laws has been stymied by corruption on the part of law enforcement, but its government was about to get another pat on the back from the White House who is certifying Mexico as a Drug-War Ally, because it believes Mexico is cooperating with the U.S. – but some were saying the certification should be scrapped because of the U.S.’ enormous appetite from drugs. That pesky law of supply and demand.

And that’s a tiny slice of what went on, this February 26, 1999 as presented by The CBS World News Roundup.

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