Eisenhower In Buenos Aires - 1960

Ike in Buenos Aires - Shoring up the cracks in a creaky foreign policy for Latin-America.

February 27, 1960 – Ike In Buenos Aires – A Happily Excited Britain – U.S. Takes Second Place In Squaw Valley Winter Olympics

Eisenhower In Buenos Aires - 1960
Ike in Buenos Aires – Shoring up the cracks in a creaky foreign policy for Latin-America.
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February 27,1960 – Ike in Buenos Aires. After a day of welcoming President Eisenhower to Argentina, the night turned into something else, with crowds battling police and demonstrators tearing down Welcome Eisenhower posters – a big contrast to only a few hours earlier. Police said the demonstrators, at roughly 500, were followers of deposed dictator Juan Peron and were demonstrating more against the present Argentine government than actually protesting Eisenhower’s presence ahead of that country’s elections. Still, security was tightened during the President’s stay. Aside from the one incident, which was considered a minor one, the Argentine reception has been the biggest and most enthusiastic of Eisenhower’s Latin American tour so far.

In other news – Britain was in the grips of giddy as word came from Buckingham Palace that Society Photographer Anthony Armstrong Jones was heading to Windsor Castle for the weekend before he moves into Buckingham Palace in order to get better acquainted with The Royal Family ahead of marrying Princess Margaret sometime during the Summer. It would be the first time in 457 years that a member of the British Royal Family married someone without a title. He may or may not be given one – in the meantime, celebrations were gearing up all over the country.

Word from the Middle East that Egyptian troop concentrations were forming on the Israeli border, going from two Brigades to three divisions, meaning that 3/5 of Egypt’s Army was now massed along the Sinai. Also joining in was Syria, who had beefed up their presence and were moving into position. Now it was the waiting game.

And The Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley was turning out better for the U.S. team than initially expected. Not given much chance to be in the running at all, America was now considered to be coming in second place after Russia. A second Gold medal was won by the U.S. figure skating team, besting the Czech skaters who came in with Silver. The win pushed the U.S. into second place in the unofficial point totals which had been tremendously dominated by the Russians.

All that, and a whole lot more for this February 27, 1960 as presented by NBC Radio’s World News Roundup.

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