German Army in Bulgaria - 1941

German troops in Bulgaria - where next was the $64 question.

March 5, 1941 – Welcome To Bulgaria – Banning American Films In Germany – Raids Over Cardiff

German Army in Bulgaria - 1941
German troops in Bulgaria – where next was the $64 question.
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March 5, 1941 – Word from Bulgaria this day concerned the flood of German troops and military equipment, crossing the Danube in a specially constructed bridge in one of the biggest displays of German military presence so far in the war, according to reports in the German press. The question among observers was why the immense army to occupy Bulgaria, a country already friendly to Germany? And many wondered just how far this army was heading? To Greece? Or Turkey? No one really knew, but speculation was rife. It was revealed that German Ambassador Von Papen delivered a letter from Hitler to the Turkish President, but the contents of that note wasn’t divulged. Rumors were also rife that Balkan neighbor Yugoslavia was going to join the Axis pact. Further rumored was news that Prince Paul of Yugoslavia was slated to visit Germany and have discussions with Adolf Hitler in the coming days/weeks.

Meanwhile – news from Berlin indicated Germany was banning all American films being shows there for the foreseeable future. The reason was too much Anti-German propaganda and that there wasn’t enough “light entertainment” being made in Hollywood. Dr. Fritz Hippler, chief of the Film Department of the Propaganda Ministry has so far banned Snow White, Mr. Deeds Goes To Town, The Good Earth and Gone With The Wind. Despite American movies being very popular in Germany prior to this, Hippler condemned Hollywood, saying there were very few films that were in alignment with German ideals and that his move to ban everything from Hollywood would be a financial blow to the film community, indicating Germany made up 40% of the European market or American films. Hippler indicated this was actually a counter-move, since German films were the first to be banned in America.

And from London came word that German raids over Britain hit the city of Cardiff and surrounding areas overnight and that another city in Britain was also hit, but apparently damage was comparatively light. It was officially stated that German air activity was on a smaller scale and ended around midnight. A communique issued said casualties were small.

And that’s a small slice of what happened, this March 5, 1941 as reported by News Of The World from The NBC Blue Network.

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