Rounding up Tires - 1942

Rounding up Tires - Just the tip of the iceberg.

March 6, 1942 – “They’re Coming After Your Tires” – “They’ve Banned Your typewriter!”

Rounding up Tires - 1942
Rounding up Tires – Just the tip of the iceberg.
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March 6, 1942 – On top of news about the War abroad, the war at home was gearing up to fever pitch. With the situation in the Far East came news of preparations for a Chinese counter-offensive against Japan. News sources in Shanghai reported that some recent raids on outlying Japanese islands signified that Japan was not prepared for air-attacks and that this would be key to a Chinese counter-offensive. This news came on the heels of news that Allied commanders headed by Generals Stillwell and Chenault were in China to discuss plans for staging raids on Japan from bases on the Chinese mainland. Ironically, the report is cut off, presumably by censors, although the Shortwave conditions made the report mostly unintelligible.

The news at home probably grabbed more attention from Americans than the war overseas on this day. This one had to do with shortages and needs for the war effort. The big subject was tires and in fact, all things with any parts made of rubber. Since the Far East was a major source of Rubber and since most all the rubber plantations and supplies of rubber were either now or soon to be in Japanese hands, the necessity for finding an alternative to Rubber, especially for tires, was crucial. In the meantime, it meant any and all rubber stocks would be given over to the War effort and that the public was urged to turn in their used tires – however, there was no plan afoot to replace those worn tires, aside from rationing whatever small percentage of stocks were left after the military priority was reached. The same went for all sorts of products, including the small parts in typewriters. In Washington it was suggested that the sale of typewriters be banned for the duration and that users rely on whatever spare parts were available for existing machines until stocks were depleted. America was gearing up.

There was a lot of other news that day, crammed into this fifteen minute newscast; News Of The World from The Red Network of NBC on March 6, 1942.

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