18 in 1972 - You can vote.
Getting to vote might reek havoc on your love life.

It’s September 1972 – You Live In L.A. – You Can Vote – You Work For McGovern – Your Girlfriend Works For Nixon – At Least You Agree On BMR.

18 in 1972 - You can vote.

Getting to vote might reek havoc on your love life.

KRLA – B. Mitchel Reed – September 16, 1972 – Mike Devich Collection –

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September 1972 – an election year. Your first, now that you’ve turned 18. You ran down to the local McGovern headquarters and started volunteering; going door-to-door, passing out leaflets, going to rallies – you’re getting involved.

But your girlfriend has been a bit quiet lately – she isn’t joining you when you canvass neighborhoods, doesn’t pass out leaflets – you’ve never seen her at a McGovern rally. Maybe she doesn’t like politics – but you both turned 18 and this is a big deal – you got the right to vote, instead of waiting around til you’re 21. This is huge. Doesn’t she get it? You’ve been getting on her case about getting involved. She nods but she doesn’t say much.

And then it hits you as you drive by her house – the big sign on her parent’s front yard; “Now, More Than Ever – Nixon’s The One”. You come right out and ask her – and she tells you she’s been a member of Young Republicans since March.

You’re stunned – you can’t believe it – you two hit it off instantly when you first met. She was perfect. She had a great laugh and she had every Crosby, Stills and Nash record in her collection. How could she be a Republican?

You soon realize you two don’t agree much on anything. Going steady for a month and all the truth comes out. You’re stunned. The only thing you do agree on is your music and your radio – and you both love B. Mitchel Reed – he’s been your favorite since Junior High when he was on KFWB. BMR’s been her favorite since KMET.

You wonder if this relationship is going to last. You wonder if this happens to other people. You’re glad you didn’t put that McGovern bumper sticker on her parents car when you had the chance.

Life is complicated – music isn’t.

Since it’s now an election year in 2020, just like it was in 1972 – here’s an hour’s worth of the legendary B. Mitchel Reed during his brief foray back to AM radio, via KRLA on September 16, 1972.

Tip of the hat and a big thanks to Mike Devich.

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3 Responses

  1. Curious this air check of B.M.R.on KRLA from September ’72.Just two months later he was at KMET overseeing the one-day 24 hr. KFWB reunion!Did Mitch leave KMET for KRLA and come back again, in late ’72 to KMET,or was this his first stint there?I remember hearing him on KRLA in 1971,calling himself “The Beemer”!

    • gordonskene says:

      He left KFWB when it changed formats and went to KMET – went from KMET for a short stint at KRLA (when they were trying to “hip up” their format) and then back to KMET.

  2. Gordon,I also remember Mitch helped Tom Donahue start up KPPC-FM in Pasadena as one of the original Underground radio formats!