Night Raid aftermath

Night Raids continue - "Yes . . .but were you here for the big ones?"

March 10, 1941 – Night Raids Resume – The Lease-Lend Bill Passes The Senate – Setting Priorities

Night Raid aftermath
Night Raids resume – “Yes . . .but were you here for the big ones?”
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March 10, 1941 – news on the War in Europe. German night raids had resumed. To many Londoners it was a resumption of “old times”, referring to the early days of the Blitz in 1940. To many others, who had fled to the country and missed the initial raids, it was a terrifying and new experience. The old-timers, veterans of the previous September were casually referred to a “bomb snobs”.

Whether it was a new experience or a revisit to the old one, German bombers were once again staging night raids over London and several key cities around Britain.

Despite the fact that military attention had turned to the Balkans and the Near East, speculation over an impending invasion of Britain by Germany was becoming a real possibility. And as Spring was just around the corner, many felt the Germans must attempt an invasion over the coming months or lose the war. Most everyone was in agreement that some sort of invasion was inevitable, but whether it would be successful or not depending on how prepared Britain was for the eventuality.

Good news for Britain came from Washington in the form of passage of the latest Lease-Lend bill passing the Senate. It was a matter of vital importance and the newspapers were treating it as such. One newspaper said it altered the whole aspect of the war and called it a “famous victory”. Another said it was the defeat of Germany’s intense propaganda campaign aimed at the American people and American business.

In other news; the anticipated signature of the Lend-Lease bill by President Roosevelt within the next day was going to bring about the biggest gearing up of industry ever for a war effort. The benefits were to be extended not only to Britain, but to Greece and China and anyone else fighting the Axis. The discussion on this day was just what aid was going to go to Britain first – as Britain indicated a week earlier; cargo boats first, planes second, Destroyers third and an unlimited stream of arms and munitions of all kinds. The wheels were moving fast.

And that’s a little of what went on, this March 10, 1941 as presented by the NBC Blue Network’s News Of The World.

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