Battleship Admiral Tirpitz - 1942

German battleship Admiral Tirpitz - a big pain in the Allies' side.

March 11, 1942 – In Search Of The Tirpitz – American Planes In Moscow Skies – American Trucks On Moscow Streets

Battleship Admiral Tirpitz - 1942
German battleship Admiral Tirpitz – a big pain in the Allies’ side.
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March 11, 1942 – Busy news day on the war fronts. News of the German super-Battleship Admiral Tirpitz was on the loose again. Earlier in the week, British planes spotted the ship and attacked it, sending it back to refuge in a Norwegian Fjord. The Tirpitz was on a mission to intercept British and American shipping between Scandinavia and northern Russian ports, where much needed supplies were being sent as part of the lend-lease plan.

In other news, a serious assault on a part of the Japanese fleet, who were invasion bound off the New Guinea coast was thwarted by an attack from 8 American bomber planes, dropping some 18 tons of bombs and at least two Japanese ships were sunk. In Java, Japanese forces were consolidating and getting ready for a move south. The day before, Japanese planes raided Port Moresby for the eleventh time, leading many to declare that, since Port Moresby was only 300 miles from the Australian coast, the Battle For Australia had begun.

From Moscow came word that the Soviet Air Force not only recovered from its previously heavy losses earlier in the year, but had grown in pilot experience and striking power. It also showed that Russian industry, about a third of which was situated in territory now occupied by the Germans, likewise withstood the shock of evacuations, bombings and wartime strain, and had even increased its output considerably. One thing was certain; the much needed supplies were coming in from the allies and were being put to good use immediately in the war effort. American planes were now patrolling Moscow, just as American trucks were seen on Moscow streets. All the munitions and supplies were helping Russia get ready for the German Spring offensive which was anticipated to begin in the south.

All that, and a lot more news for this March 11, 1942 as presented by Alka-Selter’s News Of The World.

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