Italian Army prisoners - March 1941

Italian Army Prisoners in Greece - It looked good on paper.

March 16, 1941 – The Failed Spring Offensive – FDR And The Defense Program – A German Pep-Talk

Italian Army prisoners - March 1941
Italian Army Prisoners in Greece – The Spring Offensive looked good on paper.
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March 16, 1941 – news for this day had much to do with the relative calm in the Balkans and the failed Italian invasion of Greece. The Italian Spring Offensive, also known as Operazione Primavera (Operation Spring), was an offensive of the Greco-Italian War that lasted from 9 to 16 March 1941. The offensive was the last Italian attempt of the war to defeat the Greek forces, which had already advanced deep into Albanian territory. The opening of the offensive was supervised by the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini but ended a week later in complete failure.

In other news, President Roosevelt was anticipating a few days off, after delivering an address to the nation. The President stressed the urgency of responding to the current threats to “freedom” and “democracy” during his speech concerning the recently passed Lend-Lease Act. Roosevelt also emphasized the United States’ need to deliver military equipment and other supplies to its allies. This act allowed their allies’ to have increased access to the United States’ arms. He also brought up the idea of creating a Labor Mediation board to deal with disputes in the Defense Industry. The threat of strikes were a major concern to the White House and FDR met with Philip Murray, head of the CIO to discuss his pending Executive Order.

And Berlin Radio ran an address by Adolf Hitler in which he told the audience the German Army was invulnerable and that no power on earth could alter the final outcome, which he predicted for this war. The leader of some 85 million Germans made that statement during a memorial to honor German War Dead. Hiter laid the blame for this new war at the feet of those who drafted the Versailles Treaty, saying Germany had been forced into accepting the terms. But he went on to say that, never in the history of Germany had their armed forces been stronger than they were now.

All that, and a lot more for this March 16, 1941 as reported by NBC Red Network’s News Of The World.

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