Robin Williams - Oscar for Good Will Hunting

Robin Williams - Four was the Charm - Photo: Getty images.

March 24, 1998 – Oscar Morning After – Mysterious Black Powder – Clinton In Uganda.

Robin Williams - Oscar for Good Will Hunting
Robin Williams’ Oscar Win – Four was the Charm – Photo: Getty images.
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March 24, 1998 – Hollywood was savoring the previous night’s Academy Awards, which saw Titanic grab eleven Oscars, not to too many people’s surprise. The Acting awards went elsewhere though. Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt won best actor awards for As Good As It Gets. Kim Basinger won Best Supporting for L.A. Confidential and Robin Williams, after four times, finally got the nod for his performance in Good Will Hunting. Few surprises, but still celebrating 70 years as Hollywood’s Big Night.

Back to reality, with Iraq jailing one of its Germ Warfare experts, out of fear Nassir Al-Hindawi would defect with a treasure-trove of secrets which would be a boon to the UN weapons inspectors who were already interviewing Hindawi in jail. Although whatever information he would give would be not useful, as he was under the watchful eye of Iraqi authorities. Also of interest was word that Britain was voicing concern over the possibility that Iraq would be sending agents into the UK carrying Anthrax. Downing Street was playing it down, but former British weapons inspectors said it was a real possibility.

Meanwhile, a mysterious black powder was winding up in packages being delivered to Senators John Glenn and James Jeffords. The powder caused workers hands in Glenn’s office to turn purple and numb when they found it in a package containing a sweater. The Senate Office building was evacuated and the sixth floor (where Glenn and Jeffords offices were located) were to remain sealed until authorities identify what the substance was. The package, which was mailed from Vermont, contained a rambling manifesto filled with racial and ethnic slurs.

And President Clinton was unable to shake the scandals back home, even in Uganda as reporters flocked with questions concerning his claim of executive privilege in the Monica S. Lewinsky probe, and if it was intended in part to prevent prosecutors from asking about talks aide Sidney Blumenthal had with Hillary Rodham Clinton.

And so it went, this March 24, 1998 as reported by the CBS World News Roundup.

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