Looking at the Rose through World-Colored glasses

Looking At The Rose Through World-Colored Glasses.

Past Daily: View From The Trenches – Our Occasional Progress Report And Fundraiser Hounding.

Looking at the Rose through World-Colored glasses
Past Daily: Looking At The Rose Through World-Colored Glasses.

A note from Gordon Skene (the guy who runs this site):

These are the interesting times we’ve always been threatened with. Times where what we thought we knew we don’t know anymore – and what we do know changes constantly.

A lot of talking – a lot of speculation and conspiracy and miracle cures and home remedies. And all the time people glued to the TV or their iPhone – looking at the numbers slowly rise, hearing stories and not being able to step outside. Not getting that feeling of uncertainty out from under you.

It’s times like this we do what we can to offer some respite, a little relief from the noise and the hysteria and the anger.

And I’m trying to do my bit, however small or insignificant it may seem.

There’s been a huge jump in traffic these past two weeks; a lot of you are coming over to visit, maybe having just stumbled on us as you were searching for something else – or maybe somebody saw something on the site and you told your friends and they told their friends and on and on.

Whatever it is, I’m sorry it’s come to this; that Past Daily has become popular out of boredom and adversity. But in a world of sudden upheaval and a desire to switch off, we’ll take what we can get.

I wanted to let our Patrons know that I’ve been stepping up efforts to offer some oasis from this current state of uncertainty by increasing (or trying to) the number of posts I do each day to help you get out of the present, at least for a little bit.

I also wanted to let our Patrons know how much they are making difference in the day to day running of Past Daily. I wish there were more of you.

And that’s why I’m making this update public and not private as I often do. I know times are really going to be hard and sooner rather than later. Those of us who work gig to gig have, all of a sudden, seen our income go to zero while the bills continue to pile up without a break.

Time was, the bulk of what I made in the working world went to pay for the majority of Past Daily’s upkeep; all the stuff that’s needed to make a site like this function, week in and week out.

But I can’t do that now – I have come to rely on your support as well as the comparatively minor support of advertisers. Contrary to public belief, running ads only offers tenths of cents, and in order for the ads to pay for keeping the site up, we’d have to get visitors in the millions each day and that’s just not possible.

So I am relying on the support of fans and friends; people who have told me how much a site like Past Daily means to them.

If you can – and only if you can, consider chipping in as little as a buck to help keep us up and running. Doesn’t take or require a lot, but it does take a bunch of you chipping in to make a difference. Right now we have 68 Patrons contributing to Past Daily. Ideally, I would like it to be upwards to 2,000 – and that can happen, if enough of you chip in even a small amount. It’s that simple. Of course, some of you don’t use Patreon and would prefer using another service like PayPal, or even Fractured Atlas – and you are more than welcome to do that too.

But whatever it is and how much it is, we need your help in order to get through these strange and troubling times.

To everyone who has contributed so far, I cannot thank you enough and am grateful from the bottom of my heart for your support. Let’s keep this thing going so Past Daily can stick around and keep offering you amazing things every day.

Till next time,

Gordon Skene

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