Hospital Hallway 2020

The simplest acts are the most heroic.

Word From Dr. Al – Notes From The Coronavirus Front In London And The Better Angels In Our Midst – 2020 – Past Daily: Hear And Now.

Hospital Hallway 2020
The simplest acts are the most heroic.(photo: Paolo Miranda)

Click on this link to download it for personal use:BBC5 Live – Conversation with “Dr. Al” – Radio 5 Live – April 6, 2020 – BBC Radio

Normally I don’t run things of a current nature – Past Daily has always been what its name implies: Voices and events and culture from the past – dealing with the present is overwhelming at times, more overwhelming now. And while Past Daily strives to keep the alternatives flowing; providing more and more posts throughout the day, every once in a while I run across something that stops my entire world – puts everything on hold and gives me pause. It reaffirms my belief that there are many good people everywhere; some giving of themselves, knowing the dangers they face in the midst of the Coronavirus, but facing those dangers because they know they have to, they have no choice. And if not them, then who? I often say they are angels without wings, but they are so much more than that – and they are everywhere.

So as much as I have been prone to feeling a deep sense of cynicism, frustration and anger over what has been baffling beyond even the most poisoned of imaginations, my spirit is lifted and my faith in humanity is restored when I hear of deeds and the selfless quality some of those among us possess. Their example is humbling.

Yesterday it was an anonymous caller to BBC 5 Live who went by the name of Dr. Al. Dr. Al is in the front lines at a hospital in Manchester, England – he is facing death, almost by the hour, and has been ever since the Coronavirus pandemic broke out in the UK. He is not alone and he is not immune, as many of his colleagues are becoming ill and dying from exposure.

It may have been the cool-headed interview by Stephen Nolan; not reaching for the sensational and not playing for the outrage, but rather asking the deeply fundamental questions facing every one of us. Dr. Al, for his part, answers equally cool and calm, belying but still conveying a sense of urgency and gut-wrenching reality that only begins to paint a picture of human devastation; the instant nature of tragedy, the tissue-thin balance of life.

Television has been a constant during this entire crisis. Those rare moments standing outside my house come with an aural wash of pundits and reports and updates on the Coronavirus situation from every corner and block throughout my neighborhood – but television is a medium that needs to move, to cut back and forth – it doesn’t, and it can’t, linger on a subject or a moment. Radio doesn’t do that. Which is why this interview with Dr.Al is all that more gripping over the course of the 45+ minutes its on.

As I said, this is out of my realm – not what I usually do. But I felt I had to share it with you in case you were only getting the most superfluous information; the odd dribs and drabs of the human tragedy taking place and maybe not the real picture – the one delivered for facts and not drama over this Coronavirus pandemic.

You can spend the next 48 minutes listening or I have made it possible for you to download it for listening at your leisure. I also think it points out just how crucial and important it is to get our information from as many trusted sources as possible – those sources also include overseas – and with our current state of technology, there is no excuse not to go looking for information. It is available everywhere.

Here is that interview with Dr.Al as it happened over BBC 5 live on April 6 (the 7th over there at the time), 2020. And further evidence angels do not necessarily have wings and heroes often ride a bike or take a bus.

Be well and stay safe.

Back to our regular programming.

Grateful thanks to BBC 5 (The Stephen Nolan program).

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