Refugees from Norway pouring into Sweden

Meanwhile, the steady stream of refugees pouring in from Norway to Sweden wasn't letting up.

April 13, 1940 – An Uneasy Smoke Settles Over Norway – Denmark Is A Foregone Conclusion. The Flood Of Refugees.

Refugees from Norway pouring into Sweden
Meanwhile, the steady stream of refugees pouring in from Norway to Sweden wasn’t letting up.
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April 13, 1940 – As events in Norway continued to unfold, reports were filtering in from Berlin that the onslaught of German troops were spreading out over Norwegian territory, quashing resistance and setting up fortifications. The political situation still hadn’t undergone any decisive changes with Germany refusing to deal with the Quisling self-proclaimed government for the time being. The German Ambassador was still in direct contact with King Haakon. And German officials were still conferring with local authorities, working out problems as they arose. As far as the military situation was concerned, more troops had landed in Narvik and fortifications had been considerably extended up and down the coast. The Military communiqué stated no British military landing maneuvers had been undertaken over the entire Norwegian coast. However, it did state that various British air attacks had taken place; one over Narvik, which was said to have been warded off, with the British losing one plane. Another, larger attack had taken place over Bergen with the British losing eight planes and German forces admitting losing only two. A third air attack was directed at Stavenger, with the Germans claiming to have shot down another British plane. Indications were that, by no means, had fighting ceased, and that Germany could not say the situation was under control as yet. At the moment, the scope of the entire occupation in various phases of progress was still too hazy to be able to arrive at a conclusive opinion and sources in Berlin weren’t able to throw any conclusive light on the situation.

But whereas the situation in Norway anything but conclusive, the situation in Denmark was a foregone conclusion. Finland and Sweden, on the other hand, were actively safeguarding their neutrality by laying large minefields in territorial waters in the Baltic sea.

And that’s just a small slice of what went on, this April 13th 1940 as presented by NBC Blue Network’s News Of The World.

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