Somewhere In The South Pacific - 1944

War In The Air - Somewhere in The South Pacific - Somewhere Off The French Coast.

April 13, 1944 – War In The Air – Less Than A Thousand Miles From Tokyo – Raids Over Budapest – Targets In Northern France.

Somewhere In The South Pacific - 1944
War In The Air – Somewhere in The South Pacific – Somewhere Off The French Coast.
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April 12, 1944 – War in the air this day in 1944. News of raids in the South Pacific, hitting islands some thousand miles from Tokyo – raids in Europe, hitting Budapest, Hungary. Daylight raids were concentrating on industrial targets in Northern France. Waves of Allied bombers were hitting western Europe from three different directions. British, American and Russian bomber squadrons were busily conducting raids over six European countries as well as Germany itself. Aircraft manufacturing plants were hit hard in Austria as well targets in Germany and Western France, Belgium and The Netherlands and enemy installations in Yugoslavia. Russian planes flew from the East to hit the Rumanian Black Sea port of Constantza.

On the ground – Red Army troops, in single day, drove some 46 miles down the Central Crimean railway. Soviet forces to the east drove the Nazis from the entire Keach peninsula.

North of the recaptured port of Odessa, Russian units seized a Ukranian city which was another rail entrance to Rumania. There, Russian forces are fighting 60 miles west of the border. Above Rumania, Russian troops killed some 26,000 Germans in 10 days who were caught in a trap.

Italy’s King Victor Emanuel announced that he would retire in favor of his son when the Allies enter Rome. The decision, he said, would further the cause of national unity.

Yugoslav troops crossed the border of Southern Yugoslavia to aid the Greek Patriots in their attacks on Nazi and Bulgarian operated mines. The Greeks and Yugoslavs were teamed against the Germans in Greece’s Macedonia province.

And the Free Yugoslav Radio repeated General Tito’s warning to the people of Yugoslavia to evacuate military target areas in yugoslavia proper. He warned the people that they could expect more frequent and more powerful Allied air attacks.

And that’s what was going on, this April 13th in 1944 as presented by The Office Of War Information’s News Service.

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