It’s May 1970 – You’re A Teenager – You Live in L.A. – Your Life Has Become . . .Awkward.

Awkward Moments
That awkward moment when you just found out she pretends to throw up every time she hears your name.

KDAY – Earl Trout – May 1970 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

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You have to admit, May 1970 is no fun. The world has become an insane place. It doesn’t help matters any that you feel like most of your waking hours are like an out-of-body experience. You’ve hit that stage where everything in life is the absolute best or absolute worst; no in-betweens. You don’t fit and you don’t fit in. Even your clothes don’t fit like they used to – you haven’t successfully grown a beard, and it feels like you will never have hair that doesn’t have a mind of its own. You are convinced the best part of your life has already happened and it’s been going downhill ever since you graduated Grade School. You have become a poster-child for being awkward.

The girl you’ve been trying to get close to since 10th grade thinks you’re atomic waste. You know – you found out – you were standing right behind her when somebody mentioned your name. You couldn’t exactly make out what she said, but whatever it was, it was accompanied by a loud and distinct “ewwww”. Further evidence your life is one giant testament to Awkward.

The news is depressing. You’ve avoided reading newspapers and it’s tough, even to watch Walter Cronkite. You’re graduating next year and you’re convinced Bootcamp is in your future. You are dreading the draft board and even though it’s over a year off, you have a hard time sleeping at night. You wonder if the world is coming to an end soon. It would explain a lot.

All you want out of life is a good concert and a chance to be in love – you’re not asking for a lot, but sometimes it feels impossible.

And then there’s getting out of bed . . . .

And to go along with your doomsday scenarios, here is 45 minutes worth of KDAY in Los Angeles from May 1970.

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