Cocaine in the 90s

America's Little Cocaine Problem.

May 13, 1990 – “One Out Of Every One Hundred Americans Is A Weekly User Of Cocaine” – Gearing Up For The Deficit – Floods, Floods And More Floods

Cocaine in the 90s
America’s Little Cocaine Problem.
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May 13, 1990 – It was a Sunday that year and it was looking back at the events of the week. Topping it with the huge budget deficit that was facing Capitol Hill. Being bandied about was the infamous George W. Bush 1988 mantra “Read My Lips: No New Taxes” – now as a haunting reminder that, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea in the first place and this was bound to have repercussions for many months, if not years, to come. Such a hot-button topic, it was referred to as “The T-Word” and the most skilled politicians were able to skirt around the issue by not mentioning that word in any way, shape or form. Spin was gyrating overtime The cold, hard reality was that the budget needed to be trimmed by some $100 billion if any sort of fiscal health was going to be touted. Making matters more worrisome was the fact that every American, no matter their economic status, owed $40,000 if the National debt was going to be under control. Fat chance.

Meanwhile, the subject of our nation’s little dope problem was up for scrutiny again. Senator Joe Biden announcing that the latest findings from the Senate Judiciary Committee indicated one out of every one hundred Americans was a weekly Cocaine user, nearly three times higher than the Federal Government had admitted, and the numbers weren’t going away anytime soon. Pooh-pooing the remark was National Drug Policy Director William Bennett, who insisted the Cocaine problem was resolving itself, saying the addiction numbers had peaked and there would be signs in the coming months of a decline in use, perhaps even sooner.

And weather across the Southern Plains was making news – flooding was hitting Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma with relentless rains filling streams and The Red River and Trinity River to the tops of their levees. Major flooding was forcing evacuations of thousands and damage to homes and businesses was in the millions. The irony was, while the Southern plains were flooding, the Northern Plains and West Coast were suffering the worst drought in years. Seems like you couldn’t cut a break, no matter where you were.

And that’s a little of what went on this week, ending May 13, 1990 as presented by ABC Radio’s World News This Week.

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