Valujet 592 Black Box

Valujet Flight 592 Black Box - with answers about as clear as the muck it was retrieved from.

May 14, 1996 – The Mystery Of Valujet Flight 592 – Harassment Charges In The Workplace – A Looming Trade War With China

Valujet 592 Black Box
Valujet Flight 592 Black Box – with answers about as clear as the muck it was retrieved from.(Photo: Miami Herald)

May 14, 1996 – a day of endless waiting with little reward. The mystery of Valujet Flight 592, which plunged into the Everglades, turned up more questions than answers. The almost accidental recovery of the Black Box was the one positive sign. So far, virtually nothing remained of the jet; no survivors and precious little was being uncovered after hours of intensive search for clues, bodies or evidence. Considering it a lucky break, Federal Air Safety inspectors were poring over the contents of the Black Box, which offered the first solid clues in the crash of Flight 592. Investigators were now looking for the Flight Recorder, with the hopes of piecing more elements of this horrific puzzle together. Next was an investigation of The Federal Aviation Administration over their oversight of Valujet Airlines, which the Inspector General of The Transportation Department said the FAA knew the airline was in troubles months before and there was evidence the agency went easy on the company. There were some seven incidents involving Valujet during the past year.

Meanwhile, allegations of sexual harassment of female workers in the workplace were surfacing at Mitsubishi Motors at its Normal Illinois Plant. The Japanese Auto manufacturer hired former Labor Secretary Lynn Martin to investigate the charges brought by the EEEOC, but the plaintiff’s attorney was dubious, saying it was a politically motivated media event.

U.S.- China trade talks were bogging down, and the Clinton Administration was ready to prepare a list of $3 billion worth of Chinese goods that qualified for a 100% import tax. The talks between the U.S. and China were going nowhere, with Beijing claiming it was all Washington’s fault and that China was willing to do even more to crush Piracy, the sticking point in the negotiations. China promised to retaliate. Both parties had one month to hammer out a deal before a full-on Trade War would break out.

And that’s just a little of what went on, this May 14, 1996 as presented by The CBS World News Roundup via KNX in Los Angeles.

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