Hands Across America - 1986

Hands Across America - Once Upon a time . . .

June 1, 1986 – Erosion Of SALT – The Tampering Of Capsules – The Holding Of Hands

Hands Across America - 1986
Hands Across America – Once Upon a time . . .
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June 1, 1986 – the end of a busy week, this June 1st. Beginning with news that another threat to tamper with Consumer medications was revealed. Earlier in the year, a man named “Gary” called several news agencies to warn them that, unless the drug company took some action, he would continue tampering with over-the-counter remedies, resulting in many more deaths. “Gary”, it turned out, was a 24 year old Temple City California man named Edward Marx, who was arrested by the FBI and charged with the tampering of products, specifically of Tylenol, Contac Cold and Diet capsules. Marx became the first person actually charged with tampering. The FBI said he was located from a fingerprint lifted from a capsule package. Earlier in the week, a similar tampering case was unfolding in Austin Texas when a University of Texas student died after taking an Anacin 3 capsule filled with cyanide. The product was immediately yanked off local shelves and the FDA was called in to check all Anacin 3 capsules for further poisoning attempts. But they found no evidence that it was anything other than an isolated incident. It was still yet to be determined whether or not the victim was murdered or committed suicide. In the meantime, several chains pulled Anacin 3 capsules off their shelves nationwide.

The Subject of SALT was in the news again. President Reagan decided to retire two older Poseidon Submarines as the eighth Trident Submarine began its trials. The move meant the U.S. was staying in observance with SALT for some months. It also meant the move would give the Soviet Union more time to correct the erosion of the SALT treaty. If they did so, President Reagan would take it into account.

And the previous Sunday (May 25th) was a day designated to be holding hands – the very first Hands Across America, the brainchild of Ken Kragen to bring attention to the plight of America’s Hungry and Homeless. The results were better than Kragen expected with between 6-7 million people joining in, holding hands and keeping them held for 15 minutes, forming a human chain over a 4,150 mile path across 16 states and Washington D.C. with each participant contributing $10.00.

And that’s a little of what went on, this week ending June 1, 1986 as reported by ABC World News This Week.

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