Demonstration at Seabrook - 1978

Protestors at Seabrook - Nuclear Power plants would be the big story of the 70s (Getty Images).

June 24, 1978 – Massacre In Rhodesia – Carter Fires Volleys At Inflation – Protestors Gathering At Seabrook

Demonstration at Seabrook - 1978
Protestors at Seabrook – Nuclear Power plants would be the big story of the 70s (Getty Images).

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June 24, 1978 РMuch going on in the world, this day. From Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) news of violent massacres of Missionaries. The latest was a report of 13 British Missionaries and their families, hacked to death by guerrillas. It was the most serious attack to date on Mission stations. Missionaries had become increasingly become targets of Soviet-backed guerrillas. Five missionaries had been killed in the previous three weeks, including an American Baptist. Meanwhile, Rhodesian authorities had adamantly denied reports that Rhodesian troops raided Mozambique. A Mozambique report claimed Rhodesian forces killed 17 refugees and two Belgians, working about 17 miles from the Mozambique/Rhodesia border. The Mozambique communiqu̩ said the fighting was still going on.

On the other side of the Atlantic; President Carter was winding up his Texas visit with a firepower demonstration at Fort Hood. Mr. Carter was busily attacking the problem of inflation. In a speech the previous night, the President fired at two targets he considered at the heart of the economic problems in the country; inflation and energy. On inflation the President said it was time to draw the line – on energy, Carter reiterated the position that the country needed to find alternative sources of energy and incentives to do so. He was delivering his address to a largely pro-fossil fuel audience.

And protests at Nuclear Power plants were in the news again. This time, Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant in New Hampshire where some 12,000 were expected to assemble for a demonstration. Hoping to avoid the confrontation of the previous year, the Clamshell Alliance, the organization responsible for staging the demonstration, managed to arrive at an eleventh hour agreement to allow demonstrators to assemble on an 18-acre site close to the plant. Fingers were crossed.

And that’s a small slice of what happened, this June 24, 1978 as presented by the CBS World News Roundup.

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