Jim White and Cicada Rhythm - In session for VPRO - 2014

Jim White - eclectic, mind-bending joy ride.

Jim White With Cicada Rhythm – In Session – 2017 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Jim White and Cicada Rhythm - In session for VPRO - 2014
Jim White – eclectic, mind-bending joy ride.

Jim White with Cicada Rhythm – in session for VPRO – Hilversum, Holland – December 8, 2017 – VPRO

Taking a scenic detour tonight by way of Jim White, along with Cicada Rhythm in a session recorded for the Dutch radio network VPRO in Hilversum, Holland on December 8, 2017.

When anybody ever tells you an artist or a band have made a huge impact on their life, it makes you curious as to what it is that has moved and inspired them. What is it that inspires people; what collection of words and notes creates that indelible impression that helps form a view of the world that lays it all out and makes sense out of it.

My friend Zoey posted on her Facebook page a clip of a song by Jim White, and added that he was an integral part of her life and a profound inspiration on it. I admit I wasn’t familiar with Jim White; had only heard the name but wasn’t familiar with his music. She included a small clip, an 8 second bite from an album as an example.

It grabbed my attention and certainly sparked my curiosity. So I started digging around, searching for more of his music. There was something deceptive but starkly ethereal about what I heard, while at the same time exuding a warmth and comfort that was spellbinding.

So I ran across this session; simple, low-key, completely honest in its approach and execution and totally captivating. No pretense, no overt drama or strained emotions – simple, honest, while at the same time opening a whole world and inviting the listener along for an amazing ride.

Little bit about Jim White if you don’t already know, via his Facebook page:

One time Pentacostal, fashion model, New York taxi driver, drifter, pro-surfer, photographer, film-maker, his music is the conduit for all the stories he collected along the way. His previous albums ‘Wrong-Eyed Jesus’ [1997], ‘No Such Place’ [2001] and ‘Drill a Hole in That Substrate…’ [2004] were acclaimed as masterpieces of ‘outer space alt.country’ and established Jim as a phenomenal maverick talent. Jim also starred in the BBC4 film ‘Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus’, an award-winning road-movie exploring Southern culture through its music and stories. Now living in an old farmhouse in the backwoods of Georgia, Jim White may have finally reached a place called home, but his other search, for what he calls ‘the gold tooth in God’s crooked smile’ continues in this new set of backyard tales.

He can certainly add one more fan to his growing list – have a listen to this session and maybe you’ll agree.

Thanks Zoey.

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