London Under Attack - July 1940

London amid stepped-up raids. Many felt it was the first step toward invasion.

July 2, 1940 – Balkans Under Revision – France Under New Order – Bets On An Invasion Of Britain.

London Under Attack - July 1940
London amid stepped-up raids. Many felt it was the first sign of invasion.
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July 2, 1940 – 305 days since war began in Europe. On this day, news from The Balkans that Romania had decided on a change of Foreign Policy. The day before, Prime Minister Tatarescu cancelled all existing pacts which Rumania held jointly with England and France. According to news sources in Berlin that British influence in the Balkans had been liquidated. The sources went on to say that the abrupt Rumanian change in policy toward England and France was a warning to other countries in the region that their contacts with England were still determined by British suppositions. Rumania was mobilizing its armed forces as a preventative measure against “sudden land-grabs” by those countries still aligned with England and occupied France.

Meanwhile, news from Paris that the French Army was being demobilized under armistice terms, however the date and duration of the demobilization hadn’t been officially set. In addition, the Occupied French government settled on Vichy as the capitol.

All eyes were now across the channel and the issue of the invasion of Britain was now almost certain. As one Berlin newspaper put it; “England’s Hour has now come”and German readers were told about panic that was settling in among the British population. As the German press pointed out; Germany now held the vast majority of Oil and Coal resources on the continent and that the potential of power now existed on the Axis side

Germany was projecting an air of confidence that an invasion of Britain would be a short and decisive one and that bets were being placed on the how long it would be before Germany occupation of England took place. The German press did not mention the occupation of Jersey and Guernsey, the two Channel islands belonging to Britain. Reports also said the U.S. Embassy in Berlin was now the largest embassy anywhere, with interest from eight countries in Europe as well as some $430 Million in American investment monies. However, the U.S. Embassy is being told by the German government to “mind its own business”.

And that’s what was going on in the world, July 2, 1940 as reported by NBC’s News Of The World, cut-short just before the report from Washington was to begin.

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