Ambassador Richard Stone

Ambassador Richard Stone in Costa Rica - Will he or won't he go to El Salvador?

July 9, 1983 – U.S. Envoy Richard Stone In Costa Rica – Peace Feelers – 1984 Presidential Hopefuls And The Gender Gap – Andropov And Samantha Smith.

Ambassador Richard Stone
Ambassador Richard Stone in Costa Rica – Will he or won’t he go to El Salvador?
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July 9, 1983 – Foreign Policy and Shuttle Diplomacy were the agendas, this day in 1983. U.S. Envoy Richard Stone, in Costa Rica on a peace-seeking mission, kept people guessing as to whether or not the trip would include El Salvador. The mission was hinging on whether or not he would sit down with Left-wing guerrillas. President Reagan’s Special Envoy was spending the weekend in neutral Costa Rica, where Salvadorian rebels maintained a political office and where they publicly announced the previous day they were ready to start talking with Stone. As far as could be determined, Richard Stone during his first day in Costa Rica, did not meet with the rebels. It wasn’t publicly known just when or even where such a meeting was to take place, if it would be taking place at all. It was a very delicate diplomatic exercise. Clearly the purpose was to start negotiations to end the Civil War, but neither side was calling it that. The operative word, instead of negotiation was “dialogue”. As far as the U.S. was concerned, there was only one issue at hand; the arranging of elections in El Salvador in which the rebels could safely participate. For their part, the Salvadorans mentioned dialogue but no mention of elections. Richard Stone was there to start talking, but the issue itself hadn’t been resolved. All the while, the fighting continued

Meanwhile, the issue of the Gender Gap was high on the agenda for Democratic Presidential hopefuls at the upcoming National Women’s Political Caucus Conference in San Antonio Texas. Bolstered by the latest numbers that showed a deepening gender gap in President Reagan’s White House, were just what the hopefuls needed to put for their case for a Democratic White House, come 1984. Fingers were crossed the Caucus would endorse a candidate for President – it would be the first time in the organization’s twelve-year history to do so.

And eleven-year old Samantha Smith, whose letter to Yuri Andropov prompted the Russian leader to invite the girl from Maine to the Kremlin for a visit, was being treated like a high-level Foreign dignitary. On this day she was being driven to the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier and a visit to Lenin’s Tomb in Red Square. It was hoped for a one-on-one meeting with Andropov, but nothing had been firmed – only the media circus was a sure thing.

And that’s a small slice of what happened, this July 9, 1983 as presented by The CBS World News Roundup.

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