JFK Jr. Burial At Sea

The burial at sea - end of a sad chapter.

July 22, 1999 – JFK Jr. Burial At Sea – Haggling Over A Tax Cut – A Shuttle Launch Delay

JFK Jr. Burial At Sea
The burial at sea – end of a sad chapter.
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July 22, 1999 – The last chapter in the grievous saga which had unfolded during the week. The burial at sea of John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife Carolynn Bessette-Kennedy and her sister Lauren Bessette off Martha’s Vineyard. Only 17 relatives – including Sen. Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, Richard and Ann Freeman and Lisa Bessette – put aboard the Briscoe at 9:00 in the morning, along with a priest identified by the Cape Cod Times as the Rev. Charles J. O’Byrne, who married John Kennedy and Carolyn Bessette. Network cameras tracked the 9,200-ton destroyer from port at Woods Hole and then from the island coast where parts of Kennedy’s shattered airplane had washed ashore. All they could see, for hours, was a warship’s stately procession toward the horizon.

Family members seen embarking the Coast Guard cutter Sanibel included Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg and her husband, Edwin, holding hands; Sen. Kennedy and his two sons; Maria Shriver; and William Kennedy Smith. They were joined by Lisa Ann Bessette, Lauren’s twin sister; her mother, Ann Freeman; and stepfather Richard Freeman. All were dressed in black. The senator waved to a pair of onlookers as if to either acknowledge their presence or kindly shoo them away, but family members otherwise maintained their silence as state police officers guarded the entrance to the dock and buoys clanged in the distance.

There was other news for this day – On Capitol Hill there was no House vote as of news time on the massive Republican Tax cut plan. House vote was delayed a day while House leader Dennis Hastert brought on board a handful of Republican moderates by promising the 10% income tax cut would continue only if the federal debt went down. With enough support, a vote was likely to move forward.

And fast moving thunderstorms were forcing another delay in the launch of Shuttle Columbia. NASA had extended its launch window twice in hopes that it would clear. But lightning was just too close for comfort. Another try was set for Friday morning.

That’s just a little of what went on, this July 22nd in 1999 as presented by The CBS World News Roundup.

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