Harvey's Rabbit - In Session for Peel - 1994

Harvey's' Rabbit - An early 90s Manchester band, but not a Madchester band.

Harvey’s Rabbit – In Session – 1994 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Harvey's Rabbit - In Session for Peel - 1994
Harvey’s’ Rabbit – An early 90s Manchester band, but not a Madchester band.

Harvey’s Rabbit – in session for John Peel – Recorded June 21, 1994 – broadcast July 23 – BBC Radio 1 –

Harvey’s Rabbit to close out the week – Comparatively little information on the band, save for this piece via Peel Wiki – so let’s give it a peruse, shall we?

*Harvey’s Rabbit were a five-piece: Tim Lions (vocals); Mick Pullan (guitar); Dave Thom (guitar/keyboards); David Chorlton (bass); and Andy Bell (drums). Mick Pullan has provided a great deal of information on which this page is based: many thanks to him. He says:

Harvey’s Rabbit were around for most of the 1990’s and based in Manchester. I think we first got together in 1992 and played our last gig at the Night and Day Cafe on Oldham Street, Manchester in the Autumn of 1998.
We were never really part of a scene but had a few ideas and a good DIY work ethic. 1994 was a busy year. Tired of the process of recording demos, sending them off and being rejected, we decided to be a bit more ambitious and record an album “A Place For Beginners” at Studio Studio near Rochdale. We released it (Cassette only) on our own Rain Soaked label. Releasing it meant getting a few copies on the shelves of Piccadilly Records, selling some at gigs and giving a load away.
Around the same time we managed to get some dates supporting The Fall – 2 at the Roadhouse in Manchester, followed by Penzance, Exeter, Basingstoke and Oldham Queen Elizabeth Hall. And a memorable week spent commuting to Liverpool to play at the Lomax Club. One thing leads to another and no doubt it was this connection which led to us coming to John Peel’s attention and getting us a session.
Harveys Rabbit went on to release another 3 singles and an album (The New Spiritual Vacuum) on Rotator before finally calling it a day. I remember it all fondly, especially the landmarks such as first gigs; first recording sessions and demos; first single release; reviews in local papers and then an NME interview; seeing our 2nd single (Window Dresser) on display in HMV next to David Bowie’s new release (Strangers When We Meet) – I bought them both. The 2 sessions we recorded (we also did one for Johnnie Walker) for national radio are deffinitely up there with the other landmarks. In Autumn 2009 Harvey Rabbit played live together for the first time in 10 years in honour of Dave Thom’s birthday. It felt just the same as it used to (in some ways better). Who knows what the future will bring but feel free to check out Harveys Rabbit on My Space. Things change but the spirit of Peel does live on.

So there you have it – all that’s left is to hit the play button and go exploring.

Get ready for the weekend – or not.

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