Zulfikar Ali Bhutto - return from exile

Ali Butto - Back from exile, for a time.

July 29, 1977 – The Oil Flows In Alaska – Ali Bhutto Returns – Kent State Redux Of A Sort.

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto - return from exile
Ali Bhutto – Back from exile, for a time.
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July 29, 1977 – A day with ominous implications, but not at the time. After postponement due to protests, the much touted Trans-Alaskan Pipeline, some 800 miles long, commenced to working with oil flowing from the Eastern slope, which began five weeks earlier, into Valdez the once-tiny fishing port, now turned into a super-port designed to transport crude oil from Alaska to the lower 48 states. It was estimated the oil would be flowing to the tune of some 400 barrels a day and if all went well, would be supplying roughly 10% of the national petroleum needs for the next quarter century.

Some 60 demonstrators were arrested at Kent State University earlier in the day after they attempted to occupy the site of a projected new gymnasium. The demonstrators wanted to maintain the site as a memorial to the four students killed there in 1970. Those arrested were charged with criminal trespass and contempt of court for violating orders against demonstrations on the construction site. The demonstrators acted without any advanced warned, going up to Blanket Hill and over the 6-foot high fence. They sat on their old encampment, shouting slogans while huddled in a tight formation with their arms linked. Campus police were quick to respond, encircling the demonstrators. Officials tried without success to persuade them to leave. When they didn’t, police moved in and removed the demonstrators; one by one. There was no violence, the police used a minimum amount of force. Those arrested faced an extended period of jail time because the judge had levied unusually high cash bonds for violators of the court order.

And the military junta in Pakistan responsible for the ouster of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto earlier in the month released him from arrest and Bhutto arrived at his home this morning by plane. Several thousand supporters were on hand to welcome him, along with other political leaders who have also been released. Bhutto had been held since the July 5th coup at a residence in a mountain resort town northeast of Islamabad. The Military junta said all the politicians would be allowed to take part in campaigning for the upcoming October Parliamentary elections under Army supervision.

And that’s just a slice of what went on, this July 29th in 1977 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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