Prisoners on The Western Front

And from the Western front as well as the Eastern front; Prisoners.

July 30, 1944 – News From The Front – Allies Picking Up Speed On The Western Front – Russians Poised To Take Warsaw.

Prisoners on The Western Front
And from the Western front as well as the Eastern front; Prisoners.
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July 30, 1944 – News from the battle fronts, all reporting allied advances. Along the Western front, British troops on the eastern end of the Normandy line launched a powerful new drive. The British 2nd Army was making slow but steady progress in its drive south of advancing up to three miles through the difficult wooded farm land. American troops continued their push southward. On the Eastern front, Russian troops were closing in on Warsaw with the city’s suburbs already under artillery fire. Hitler ordered the Warsaw garrison to hold out at all costs. With all the progress being made on the battle fronts, there were still concerns about V-2 Rocket attacks taking place. The new “Flying Bombs” were still falling over London and other cities and their presence was unpredictable – the only warnings were a low rumble which suddenly stopped, followed by an explosion. Something else to preoccupy people in London this day.

It Italy, Allied troops were moving into position for an all-out attack on the German Gothic Line. The British 8th Army was reported about 7 miles from Florence and the Germans moved five divisions into the region.

In the Pacific – American forces now occupied and controlled more than two-thirds of Tinian Island. B-29’s carried out a number of raids over Manchurian plants and various Japanese-occupied Chinese ports.

Meanwhile, back home – there was talk in Washington circles about the possibility of a big blow-up over the Balkans in the near future. If Turkey comes into the war on the Allies side, Bulgaria might topple suddenly. After that, the rest of the Balkans could be conceivably knocked down like a row of ten-pins.

And that’s just a sample of what was going on, this July 30th in 1944 from CBS Radio’s The World Today.

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