You and Your Walkman
You And Your Walkman - who needs conversation when you can hear Duran Duran all day?

It’s 1983 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – Your World Revolves Around Your Sony Walkman And You Like It That Way – Past Daily Weekend Pop Chronicles.

You and Your Walkman

You And Your Walkman – who needs conversation when you can hear Duran Duran all day?

KIQQ-FM – June 11, 1983

You are living in the lap of High-Tech. You never go anywhere without your Sony Walkman – it has become an essential part of your life ever since your parents got you one for your birthday. They did it for a reason – they don’t like the music you play – don’t understand these bands and the hair and the lipstick. You drove them up the wall with your stereo and your Elvis Costello collection – the clincher was Duran Duran and you wore out your copy of Rio. They refused to get cable because of you, they heard about MTV and they know they will never have a nanosecond of quiet if you ever got your hands on the remote.

So they got you a Walkman and now you live inside your headphones and make tapes all day. You walk around the house with your headphones on, turned up to 10 – you smile and nod at your parents but you can’t hear a word they’re saying. You smile and you occasionally sing along – and your friends have discovered you are tone deaf. But you’re happy and life is full of surprises. And you’re working on the cable situation – you launch into a sales pitch at just about every dinner, telling them about the movies they can watch and how they won’t need the rabbit ears antenna anymore. One thing at a time – Your life has changed by having access to tunes no matter where you go – now you just have to convince your folks that having Cable TV is necessary and maybe, just maybe, a new TV. You have your work cut out for you.

And to get an idea of where it was all heading, here is a 90 minute snippet of KIQQ-FM from June 11, 1983. And yes, you could get an FM module for your Walkman too – the wonders would never cease.

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2 Responses

  1. Michael Ackerman says:

    I believe that is Ken Levine (under another name) doing the DJ’ing