Lech Walesa - Solidarity in Warsaw - 1980

Lech Walesa - Even if you couldn't pronounce his name, you still knew who he was.

September 1, 1980 – Celebrating In Warsaw – Breath Holding In Tehran – Campaign ’80 Officially Starts –

Lech Walesa - Solidarity in Warsaw - 1980
Lech Walesa – Even if you couldn’t pronounce his name, you still knew who he was.
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September 1, 1980 – CBS Radio – Hourly (5:00 pm) news + The World Tonight -Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

September 1, 1980 – a lot happening, this news day. Word from Warsaw that a celebration was underway. The Gdańsk Agreement accord was reached as a direct result of the strikes that took place in Gdańsk, Poland. Workers along the Baltic went on strike in August 1980 in support of the 21 demands of MKS which eventually led to the creation of Solidarity and bad news for Warsaw.

Due to the popular support of the citizens and other striking groups, the Gdańsk workers held out until the government in Warsaw gave in to their demands. The successful strikers formed the Gdańsk Agreement on August 31, 1980 as an authentic social contract with the government. This allowed citizens to bring democratic changes within the communist political structure. The main concern of the workers was the establishment of a trade union independent of communist party control and the legal right to strike. In creating these new groups, there would be a clear representation of the workers’ needs.

“These new unions are intended to defend the social and material interests of the workers, and not to play the role of a political party, they will be established on the basis of socialization of the means of production and of the socialist system that exists in Poland today.” Other major concerns were to control commercial prices, the use of foreign money in all internal economic dealings, ensuring the proper supply of resources within the nation and only exporting the excess. This would ensure that there would be a better chance for prosperity within the nation for all working citizens.

In other news – Hopeful signs in the negotiations for the release of 50 American hostages still held in Tehran. Fingers crossed that they would be released sooner rather than later.

And Campaign ’80 officially kicked off. As per tradition, on the 1st of September, aside from being designated Labor Day, was also the start of the great dash to the White House – both the Carter and Reagan campaigns switched into high gear, as the hopeful and in the incumbent criss-crossed the nation in search of votes.

All that, and a lot more for this September 1, 1980 as presented by CBS Radio News and The World Tonight.

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