Merchant Ships - 1941

Merchant Ships - targets of neutrality.

September 10, 1941 – Sinking Of The Steel Seafarer – A Russian Counter-Offensive – Propaganda From Berlin.

Merchant Ships - 1941
Merchant Ships – targets of neutrality.
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September 10, 1941 – News of The World – Reports – NBC Blue Network – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

September 10, 1941 – News of the sinking of the U.S. Merchant ship Steel Seafarer in the Gulf of Suez began this series of reports. On a voyage from New York to Suez, Eqypt the Steel Seafarer, clearly marked with an American flag painted on the side, came under attack by a German plane at 11:28 PM. The vessel was struck by one bomb. The Master, John D. R. Halliday, immediately stopped engines and ordered the ship abandoned. The crew launched three boats and the vessel rolled over and sank in 15 mins. It was one more instance where the U.S. was getting closer to getting actively involved in this war.

In other news – despite reports from German radio that Britain was under constant attack for the previous 72 hours since the British raid on Berlin earlier in the week, the total number of German planes flying over England was less than 25 bombers and the same number of fighters and there were no raids at all the previous night. It led many to conclude that Berlin was worried and the propaganda Ministry was trying its best to paint a different picture to the German people.

On the Eastern front РMarshal Timoshenko announced the Russian Army launched a counter-offensive against the Germans, forcing a retreat and leaving thousands dead, along with a large number of captured German troops and officers. The latest Russian communiqu̩ indicated fighting was continuing all along the eastern front but with no new details.

And news from Capitol Hill indicated President Roosevelt, in an upcoming address to be given the following even, will be warning the world that the U.S. will protect her ships, taking the position that there has never been a time where America did not live by the doctrine of the freedom of the seas – it was expected to lead to all sort of new policies involving protection of ships, including shooting on sight. The Nazis so far had attacked four vessels, and if the President wasn’t going to refer to these attacks, he certainly would have them in mind. It was expected that President Roosevelt would indicate that it was America’s policy not to accept piracy and it wasn’t going to start.

And that’s a little of what went on, this September 10, 1941 as reported by NBC Radio.

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