Hurricane Gilbert hits Jamaica

Hurricane Gilbert left a calling card in Jamaica.

September 15, 1988 – Making Plans For Gilbert – Rumors Of Post-Iran-Contra Depression – Score Another One For The NRA.

Hurricane Gilbert hits Jamaica
Hurricane Gilbert left a calling card in Jamaica.
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September 15, 1988 – CBS Radio News – The World Tonight -Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

September 15, 1988 – Hurricane Gilbert was keeping all attention on the Gulf of Mexico and Southeast U.S. as winds whipped it into a Category 5, making it potentially the deadliest Hurricane since Camille appeared in 1969. The origins of Hurricane Gilbert trace back to an easterly tropical wave—an elongated low-pressure area moving from east to west—that crossed the northwestern coast of Africa on September 3, 1988. Over the subsequent days, the wave traversed the tropical Atlantic and developed a broad wind circulation extending just north of the equator. The system remained disorganized until September 8, when satellite images showed a defined circulation center approaching the Windward Islands. The following day, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) classified it as the twelfth tropical depression of the annual hurricane season using the Dvorak technique, when it was located about 400 mi (640 km) east of Barbados. The depression proceeded toward the west-northwest, and while moving through the Lesser Antilles near Martinique, it gained enough strength to be designated as Tropical Storm Gilbert.

Already giving a preview of coming attractions in the Caribbean, Gilbert slammed into Jamaica, causing widespread damage and bringing a climbing death toll in its wake, eventually claiming some 318 lives and causing over $2 billion in damage before eventually becoming a tropical storm and dousing the East Coast with rain.

In other news – Reports that President Reagan was so depressed after Iran-Contra Affair revelations that he couldn’t govern were published in a book as quoted by a White House Aide. It went on to say thought was given to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Reagan from office. The reports were denied by Reagan and called “total nonsense” by Marlon Fitzwater.

And the Gun Lobby won a round in the latest attempt at putting restrictions on buying handguns. The house voted down a measure that would require potential buyers to a seven day waiting period for background checks. The NRA invested heavily in insuring its defeat, pumping some $4 million into the coffers of various Congressional members, obtaining the necessary rejection as a result.

And that’s just a slice of what happened, this September 15th in 1988 as reported by CBS Radio hourly news and The World Tonight.

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